“Old Spring Features” in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Wednesday, 2019-01-30 12:14:47
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On the altar inside Kim Ngan temple, traditional Tet tray with traditional dishes and five-fruits tray.
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NDO – Visiting the Hanoi’s Old Quarter in the days nearing the Tet holiday, visitors can find the atmosphere of the old Tet with familiar images, with banh chung (square glutinous rice cake), with image of ‘ong do’ (calligrapher) writing nice words in calligraphy, to he (toy figurines made from glutinous rice powder) or folk Tet paintings; the rich and civilized beauty during Tet holiday of Vietnamese lifestyle.

In order to reappear the old Tet space at the relics of Hanoi's Old Quarter as well as introduce Vietnamese culture to tourists, Hanoi’s Old Quarter Management Board has collaborated with the units to organise cultural programme to celebrate the Lunar New Year 2019 with the theme “Net Xuan Xua” (Old Spring Features).

The “Net Xuan Xua” programme is inspired by the image of a pig - the symbol of the Lunar New Year 2019.

Tet living space with specialties of Hanoi is introduced at Kim Ngan temple, at No. 42 and 44 Hang Bac Street; Heritage House at No.87 Ma May Street; Hanoi Ancient Town Heritage Information Center at No. 28 Hang Buom Street.

Space to receive guests at a family during Tet holiday with Nhat Tan peach blossom and Hang Trong folk paintings.

Tourists learn about to he (toy figurines made from glutinous rice powder).

Young people experience the stages of wrapping Banh chung (square glutinous rice cake).

Enjoying Thuy tien (Narcissus) plants during Tet has also been an elegant hobby dating back a long time for Hanoians.

Hang Trong, Dong Ho and Kim Hoang folk paintings displaying at the Hanoi Old Quarter Heritage Information Centre.

With a lot of cultural and art activities, the traditional Tet programme with the theme "Net Xuan Xua" is an interesting destination of Hanoians as well as domestic and foreign tourists the days nearing the Tet holiday 2019.