Bat Trang pottery village filled with piggy banks ahead of Year of Pig

Friday, 2019-01-25 11:30:37
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People believe that pigs represent luck, wealth and prosperity. Therefore, ceramic pigs are in customers’ favour in the hopes for a New Year full of blessings.
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NDO – While the Year of Pig 2019 is coming closer, Bat Trang pottery village is now full of customers and traders. This year, the village-made piggy banks have won great favour from customers.

Colourful ceramic piggy banks always draw much interest from children.

The first step in the making process is mixing white clay and pouring into a mould.

The mould will then be dried.

Then the piece is taken out from the mould and dried under the sun for several days.

The pieces are individually cleaned up and decorated. Once decorated, the pottery is glazed.

Decorations for the piggy banks often include apricot and peach flowers or patterns illustrating prosperity and happiness.

Finally, the ceramic products are fired at a temperature of 1,200 degrees Celsius for 14 hours.

According to Thanh, a 45-year-old owner of a pottery shop, ceramic piggy banks made in Bat Trang are fired at a higher temperature than other places, which allows the product to become more durable and long-lasting.