Enjoying Northwestern cuisine at Sun World Fansipan Legend

Wednesday, 2018-08-08 17:40:46
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The festival has attracted many visitors.
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NDO – Although visitors may have come to Fansipan and enjoyed Northwestern dishes many times, if they come to Sun World Fansipan Legend during the Northwest Cuisine Festival the visitors would have the chance to understand more about the Northwestern region. The festival has attracted many visitors.

The festival features food stalls, Sa Pa specialties, and cultural performances, which take place continuously, until late at night.

The highland food festival is indispensable for traditional wine, such as Sim San wine, Seng Cu rice wine, Nam Can rice wine, and corn wine. Guests can even hand-make wine and taste distilled wine with Northwestern style bamboo cups.

Visitors can also pack banh te (rice cake filled with brown onion), make banh day (round glutinous rice cake) and other local foods.

Sun World Fansipan Legend reenacts the traditional wedding of the Dao people every Saturday and Sunday.

Tourists enjoy the cable car to the top of Fansipan.

The spiritual cultural works on the mountain of Fansipan.

Early autumn is the best time of year for hunting clouds at the top of Fansipan.