White lilies suggest the beginning of summer

Monday, 2017-04-10 16:25:33
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April is the time for white lilies.
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NDO – They may not be colourful or fragrant, but lilies are an all-time favourite with many. Fondly called the flower of April or simply summer flowers, lilies bloom only once a year. Unlike the vibrant roses, which bloom throughout the year, lilies are short-lived and last for only a month in April.

At this time of year, white lilies take over Hanoi. You can catch a glimpse of this white beauty everywhere in the city — from the noisy and busy streets to the quiet and sinewy lanes and alleys.

The flowers mark the beginning of April, adding a mystical touch to Hanoi’s streets and houses.

Lilies are usually planted in September and October, but farmers have to wait until next April to harvest.

If well-cared, a tuberous seed can produce up to 12-15 lily flowers.

The price of lilies is generally two to three times higher than roses and many other flowers. A beautiful vase of lilies may comprise at least ten to 15 flowers or more.

In April, a vase of lilies is part of every household in Hanoi. Friends in the south also yearn for lilies sent from the north.

This is also the season when Hanoi’s women get a chance to wear the traditional long dress and pose for photos with lilies on Hanoi's most beautiful streets, such as Kim Ma, Phan Dinh Phung, and Hoang Dieu Streets, or at the Temple of Literature.

Capturing the splashing beauty of April.

By: Van Khanh - Photos: Dao Anh Tuan