Bombax ceiba flowers in full bloom

Friday, 2017-03-24 22:13:11
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Bombax ceiba trees have a strong attachment to people in rural areas.
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NDO – As usual each year, bombax ceiba flowers are in full bloom by the end of March and early April in rural areas and the northwest region.

Bombax ceiba flowers are a symbol of summer coming.

Bombax ceiba trees are in blossom once they have sheded their leaves.

A bombax ceiba tree in full blossom.

Bombax ceiba trees are often seen near temples or the entrances to villages as they are reminders of prosperity and tranquility.

When growing on rocky mountains, the flowers generally bloom in a darker shade of red.

A rural road in the northern province of Ha Giang highlighted with a red Bombax ceiba tree.

Red flowers consisting of 5 petals fall down onto the road.

Photo credit: Sunny Tran