Quan Nhan - a market village in the midst of an urban neighbourhood

Wednesday, 2017-01-25 11:30:57
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The road leading to the village’s communal temple becomes the centre of the market.
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NDO - The year-end market of Quan Nhan Village, now part of Hanoi’s Thanh Xuan District, takes place on the 27th day of the final lunar month each year with a wide variety of Tet-themed items on sale.

The market is held near an area where the village’s Buddhist temple and communal temple are located and was originally a place for residents from nearby villages to gather and exchange Tet goods at the end of the year.

From the early morning, all roads leading to the market are crowded with people flocking to enjoy the once-in-a-year festival which is embellished with bright colours of flowers, balloons, toys and a myriad of other Tet items.

Market-goers are mainly older citizens accompanied by kids and schoolchildren. In the past, the market was a place to buy goods for the Lunar New Year but now when such goods can be bought anywhere, the market has become an entertaining ground for children with all kinds of toys and gifts, both traditional and modern.

This year the market sees the presence of Quan Nhan Village’s folk song club. Established more than ten years ago with a 30-plus strong membership of all ages, this is the first time that the club has performed in the market of their home village.

The market only takes place for about 3-4 hours but attracts thousands of people, not only from Quan Nhan Village but also nearby neighbourhoods who come to enjoy the year-end festive mood.

The road leading to the village temple is crowded from the early morning.

A wide choice of colourful flower figurines made from rice powder.

A quite leather handicraft stand in the busy market.

Selecting the best bunch of bananas for Tet decoration.

Pomelos with leaves and stalks are favoured as Tet offerings to ancestors.

Picking flowers to decorate the house.

For children, toys are always the most attractive items up for sale.

Figurines made from rice power, known as to he, are an indispensable part of the market.

This year the chicken is the most popular to he figurine.

Cotton candy

Mature coriander is a herb usually added to bathing water at the end of the year.

A collection of charcoal irons on sale at the market.

A xam performance, a kind of traditional Vietnamese folk music, by the village’s singing club.