Signs of Tet on Ly Son island

Monday, 2017-01-23 11:45:48
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Flowers are transported from the mainland to the island, where they are sold on the port and the streets. A pot of daisies is priced at around VND 350,000.
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NDO – A variety of goods and necessities needed to celebrate Tet (lunar New Year festival) have arrived at Ly Son island district, Quang Ngai province, which is bustling with a warm atmosphere and preparations for Tet.

Around 500 households on the island run florist businesses. Each season lasts three months, which helps them earn approximately VND 10 million on a total area of 200 s.q.m. However, this year’s crops failed due to rain.

According to local authorities, 2016 was not a bumper year for islanders as 80% of garlic farmers lost their crops while aquaculture farming households and fishermen also failed in harvest.

However, the Government, local authorities and benefactors have provided proper support to unfortunate households on Ly Son to ensure that they will enjoy a warm and happy Tet.

Ly Son islanders do not make chung (square) cakes for Tet, they make it cakes (mung bean sticky rice cake) instead. Over the last days of the year, families on the islands make it cakes, decorate their houses, and clean the ancestors altar in preparation for Tet.

Soldiers stationed on the islands also receive care and support from the Party and State to welcome Tet while protecting the country’s sovereignty.