Tien Cave – a pristine beauty of ‘unknown paradise’

Friday, 2015-08-07 13:15:37
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The spectacular beauty of Tien Cave, one of the largest under the Tu Lan cave system in central Quang Binh province.
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NDO – Hidden away in the woods and giant limestone mountains of ‘the land of caves’ in Quang Binh province, Tien Cave (the Cave of Fairies) is an almost ‘anonymous’ destination that has yet to be featured on tourist maps.

With wild and magnificent beauty, the underground work of nature is a priceless treasure that Mother Nature has bestowed on Cao Quang. Locals often refer to it as ‘the second Heaven’.

The 2km-long cave, located in Cao Quang commune, in the mountainous district of Tuyen Hoa, is about 70km to the northwest of well-known Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park with the famous Son Doong and En Caves. Tien Cave has been examined by experts of the British Caving Association and is recognised as one of the largest caves in the Tu Lan cave system.

The name ‘the Cave of Fairies’ is tinged with mystery. Legend has it that the cave was named after a myth: fairies from heaven descended to this land, and were so busy sightseeing they forgot their way back to heaven. Cao Quang people discovered this place hundreds of years ago and consider it a sacred place to carry out important rituals in their spiritual life, including praying for rain and for peace. The sacred and mysterious factors retain this scenic beauty’s ancient and wild characteristics.

Following local guides, from Cao Quang commune it takes hours trekking through over 7km of forest to reach the cave. It's a challenging journey to test visitors’ strength, tenacity and courage to conquer the pristine forests, sharp moss-covered rocks, and submerged springs.

Emerald green Tien (Fairy) Pond with a stream coming from the underground river inside Tien Cave. According to locals, immersing oneself in the pond’s cool waters is a means of purifying all the ‘earthly matters’ before entering ‘paradise’.

Not far away from Tien Pond, the cave’s wide arch is within reach.

The sharp and craggy cliffs cannot discourage the desire to conquer.

The cave’s dome is tens of metres high.

The imposing unspoiled sights can overwhelm anyone who sets foot in the cave.

Magnificent ‘palace’ of stalactites with countless stalactites crowded together on the cave’s wall.

An imposing stalagmite grows from the ground.

The magnificent scenery is a paradise on earth.

It is no coincidence that Quang Binh is marked on the world tourism map; its cave systems of stunning natural beauty and scientific value for geology and geomorphology.

"Steps to Heaven".

Tiny human vs. giant nature.

Deep inside the cave are rocks, sands and cool streams eroding the cliff day and night.

Stalactite columns quietly hiding in darkness for millions of years.

Exploring the unspoiled stunning beauty of Quang Binh is definitely an unforgettable experience for those who love nature and adventure.