Pilgrims Crossing Me River

Pilgrims Crossing Me River

After an early dinner, I washed up then went to bed. Yet, I was unable to sleep straight away. I tossed and turned on bed for a long while like I was sick. Whenever I returned to my native village I felt as if I had taken ill. Strangely enough, leaving the place I returned to normal again. I kept this a secret because I was afraid it would make my mother worried. “Why does my summer vacation last so long?” I asked myself. (Aug 19, 2018 16:34:30)


The living temple

  Oct 06, 2018 17:32:59
I had a reputation for being lucky in love. When I was a boy, Mum often remarked, "You’ve got an angelic smile." I thought differently: every child was an angel to his or her mother. Oddly enough, later my darling told me the same.  

A new day

  Sep 30, 2018 14:11:07
He was finally released from jail. He was not too tired to turn his head back to have a last look at the gate of the prison.  

The white jasmine flowers

  Sep 15, 2018 11:35:57
I was a tutor to Stephano, a middle-aged Italian man, lazy and stubborn, with dark blue eyes. 

A lost old apricot tree

  Sep 03, 2018 11:17:58
She came from France to visit her homeland and spoke Vietnamese as well as the Vietnamese at home. I was a tour guide. Her requirements were not the same as the others’. She could talk about places of interest and food in Hue much better than I could. 

A race

  Aug 18, 2018 11:41:17
Thuy stopped reading the newspaper as I walked into the room and stretched myself out on the bed.  

Another day in paradise

  Jul 16, 2018 09:07:54
My body shivered while I listened to his phone call. Lying prone, I could hear my heart beating wildly. "Hang up your receiver, honey," resounded a soft voice from the other end of the line. 

Milk flower tree in centre of Ho Chi Minh City

  May 20, 2018 15:09:17
On the corner of Pasteur-Dien Bien Phu Road, Ho Chi Minh City, there is a flower tree completely different from the other trees around it. When October comes, the scent of the flower spreads all across the street.  

One melody in memory of father

  May 13, 2018 13:11:49
To meet Diem, his ex-wife, Dong went to a refreshment stall on the side of a street. A few minutes later, she turned up in a black Camry. Getting out, at first glance she seemed greatly displeased with his casual clothes. 

Cold beer

  May 05, 2018 11:08:06
Ever since her 32nd birthday last year, Vy had been afraid of gaining belly fat. So instead of eating cheese and drinking lots of beer before sleeping, the couple only drank two small glasses of beer at dinner. The weather in Ho Chi Minh City encouraged beer consumption. Cao thought Ho Chi Minh City was the best place to drink. 

At twilight

  Apr 29, 2018 14:59:12
At last, he looked at her. "Are you thin from working so hard these days?" he asked. She looked down in embarrassment.  

An exceptional candle for the rainy night

  Apr 22, 2018 07:42:17
In the afternoons of early summer, I usually sat alone in the deserted courtyard of our compound. When sunset began, frogs appeared in ponds and lakes, resulting in a symphony of croaks. 

Painter Foujita’s cat

  Apr 08, 2018 15:50:04
On the 100th birth anniversary of the painter Foujita of Japan, his works become the most sought after by art fans worldwide. Based on his adventures, art connoisseurs came to the conclusion that a few of them were left in Vietnam. 

The Ghost of Gold

  Mar 31, 2018 18:07:20
The trading platform I used to operate 23 hours a day with the software mt4. It attracts investors through leverage; if an investor is wise enough, the leverage will be their advantage, bringing profits when they have good luck. But the wise investor will never be distracted by the leverage. 


  Mar 24, 2018 18:17:08
The hot and dry westerly wind howled and swirled, whipping up the dull red soil into the sky then dumping it down.