Nhan Dan Newspaper picks out top 10 culture, sports and tourism events of 2018

Tuesday, 2019-01-01 13:06:55
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Ban Gioc Waterfall - a site of Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark
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NDO – Nhan Dan Newspaper picks out Vietnam’s top ten cultural items, sports and tourism events of 2018

1. The Government issued Decree No. 133/2018 / ND-CP amending and supplementing several articles of Decree No. 90/2014 / ND-CP dated September 29, 2014, on "Ho Chi Minh Prize" and “State Prize" for literature and art field. The new Decree provides detailed regulations, adjusting the inappropriate points of the old Decree, keeping abreast of the actual situation, of the author's creative activities, artistic value and ideology of the works and its effects in education; building new people; improving the aesthetic level of the people. It contributes to the construction and defense of the Fatherland; creating fairness and consensus in public opinion and artists.

2. The Central Council for the Theory and Criticism of Literature and Arts organised a seminar to review the process of socialisation of literary and artistic activities in Vietnam since the promulgation of the policy up to now ". The results achieved in more than 20 years of socialisation of literary and artistic activities are very important, mobilising the resources of the whole society to create literary and artistic values to meet the demands on the spirit and aesthetics of the people, in accordance with the new development period of the country. However, the rich and complex practice in the process of socialisation also raises inadequacies, mainly in the awareness and way of conducting this work in each industry, each type is very different. From the results of the workshop, the Council will advise the Party and the State to add feasible solutions, mechanisms and policies to implement the policy of socialising the literary and artistic activities for resolutions of the Party and the State, achieving better results in the coming time.

3. UNESCO recognised Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark as a global geopark and a book entitled “Hoang Hoa Su Trinh Do” (Itinerary Maps of the Imperial Envoy) as a documentary heritage under the Memory of the World Committee for Asia and the Pacific (MOWCAP) programme. The 3,000 sq.km. geopark is home to fossils, ocean sediment, volcanic rocks, minerals, and especially karst landscapes, which can give researchers an insight into an over-500-million-year history of the Earth. It is also well known for rich biodiversity and many indigenous fauna and flora species. Meanwhile, the book of maps detailing a Vietnamese envoy’s itinerary to China in the 18th century was assumed to have been compiled by an imperial official named Nguyen Huy Oanh during the 1765-1767 period, under the reign of Emperor Le Hien Tong. The addition of honoured world heritages of many types shows the abundance of natural resources, national culture and the awareness and efforts of Vietnam in preserving, preserving and promoting its heritage.

4. Vietnam tourism welcomed 15 million international visitors, a record in the 58-year history of industry development. The important mark contributes to expressing the position and reputation of the "smokeless industry" in Vietnam on the world tourism map. At the same time, it affirmed that Vietnam is and will be an attractive, safe and friendly destination, making a good impression on international friends. The impressive figure also shows a positive effect from the implementation of policies related to tourism development in the past such as: piloting electronic visa for citizens of 46 countries, extension of visa exemption for public people of Western European countries, applying the revised Law on Tourism and promoting the application of digital technology in tourism development ... This is also the driving force and premise for Vietnam tourism industry to realize the goal of bringing tourism into a key economic sector of the country.

5. Vietnam Sports has the highest achievement in history of attending the Asian Games (ASIAD) and many domestic and international achievements. With 352 athletes (athletes) competed in 32 subjects at ASIAD 2018, Vietnam sport team has successfully completed the set targets, with four gold medals, 17 silver medals and 18 bronze medals; among them, worth mentioning are the titles won in the two Olympic sports of athletics and rowing by Bui Thi Thu Thao (long jump), and Luong Thi Thao, Ho Thi Ly, Ta Thanh Huyen and Pham Thi Thao (women’s lightweight quadruple sculls), along with the achievement of the semi-finals of the Olympic football team. In addition, the eighth National Games of 2018 was held in Hanoi on a large scale, attracting more than 7,000 athletes competing in 36 sports to compete for 734 medals. There were 43 national records and 169 congress records set in Olympic sports, showing that high-achievement sports have made new developments, demonstrating the correctness in orientation, focusing on basic subjects rather than running in form.

Vietnam fans flood the streets after team crowned champions of AFF Suzuki Cup 2018

6. Vietnamese football won the first place in East - South Asia and returned to the top 100 in world football rankings after seven years (since 2011). First of all, Vietnam U23 Team won the runner-up position in the Asian U23 Football Championship in Changzhou (China) with their bravery and excellent competitive spirit after overcoming the strongest teams of the continent. Following the victory, with the main lineup of U23 players, the Vietnam Olympic team excelled, reaching the ASIAD semifinals 2018. At the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018, the Vietnamese team has affirmed its leading position in the region as crowned champions. This is the long-term result of the investment orientation of training young players and the talent of Korean coach Park Hang-seo, who has led all three teams of our country to succeed in continental and regional arenas.

7. Vietnam tourism is marked with a series of international awards. At the 25th World Tourism Awards Ceremony in 2018, Vietnam was first named "Asia's Top Travel Destination". In addition, many Vietnamese tourism enterprises also received prestigious international awards such as: Vietravel was honoured as "Asia's leading tour operator" for the sixth time; Vietnam Airlines received the award “World's Leading Airline – Premium Economy Class”. Many new tourism products of Vietnam were honoured, such as Gold Bridge named in TIME (The US)'s 2018 list of World's 100 Greatest Places; the live entertainment show “The Quintessence of Tonkin” recently won the 2018 Gold Stevie Award for Innovation in Media, Visual Communications & Entertainment. These awards are worthy recognition for the effort to professionalize Vietnam tourism activities in the integration period.

8. 2018 is considered as the year of international awards for Vietnamese literature. Writer Nguyen Ngoc Tu received the Liberaturpreis Prize by Litprom - the Association for the promotion of Asian, African and Latin American literature in Germany - for the work of "Endless Field"; writer Bao Ninh received the Asian Literature Award with his (The Sorrow of War), poet Nguyen Quang Thieu won the Changwon KC International Literary Prize of Korea for his dedication and creative contribution to literature and art. These awards show that Vietnamese literature is gradually being appreciated by readers and prestigious literary organizations throughout the world, contributing to the process of promoting Vietnamese literature and art to the world.

9. The 5th International Hanoi Film Festival 2018 marked Vietnam Cinema. With the theme "Cinema - Integration and Sustainable Development", the Festival attracted more than 1,000 national and international delegates. The film festival offered an opportunity for Vietnamese cinema to exchange and learn from experiences, develop regionally and internationally; towards humanity and friendly spirit, cooperation. Vietnamese cinema was marked with some prestigious awards, including the best actress (Phuong Anh Dao in the film 'Nham mat thay mua he' (Summer In Closed Eyes)); the best young short-film director award (Director Nguyen Le Hoang Viet); The judge’s awards for short films (‘Hai dua tre’ (Two kids)); the award voted by audience (‘Chang vo cua em’ (My Mr.Wife)).

10. Miss H’Hen Niê of Vietnam entered the top 5 Miss Universe 2018, held in Thailand. This is the highest achievement of Vietnam at the world's leading prestigious beauty contest as it’s the first time a Vietnamese contestant has ranked in the top 5 most beautiful people in the contest. Not only possessing beautiful beauty, Miss H’Hen Niê also has the ability to attract and inspire the audience with the unique and bold performance of the Ede people. In real life, H'Hen Niê keeps a simple, close style, actively participates in charitable activities, building houses of compassion for the poor, voluntary programs aimed at disadvantaged people in society, including children, women and HIV-AIDS patients.