Photographer Ha Tuong: Photo shooting with great love

Photographer Ha Tuong: Photo shooting with great love

NDO – An exhibition featuring 30 black and white photos of talented people in all areas (including culture, arts, press and science), which were captured by photographer Ha Tuong over 20 years (1975-1995), will take place at 70 Nguyen Du Street in Hanoi from February 22 to March 3. (6 hours ago)


Vietnam’s cultural quintessence promoted in France

  Feb 08, 2020 12:13:59
NDO – Vietnam’s cultural features and traditional Tet (Lunar New Year) Festival were promoted to overseas Vietnamese and international friends in France at a programme which has been held at the La Carrrière Cultural Centre in Saint Herblain City. 

Various activities commemorate the anniversary of Hung Kings’ passing

  Feb 08, 2020 12:11:50
NDO – A progrmme commemorating the anniversary of Hung Kings passing, the national ancestors, and Hung Kings Temple Festival will be held from March 24 to April 2 at a national level. 

Vietnamese and foreign love films to be screened in Hanoi

  Feb 07, 2020 16:35:44
NDO – As many as seven romantic and funny films based on love will be screened at the French Cultural Centre (L'Espace) in Hanoi from February 10-16. 

Czech-Vietnamese encyclopaedia wins Dictionary of the Year award

  Feb 06, 2020 11:48:45
NDO/VNA - The six-volume Czech-Vietnamese encyclopaedia has won the “Dictionary of the Year 2020” award of the Union of Interpreters and Translators (JTP). 

Hue exhibition marks Party’s 90th founding anniversary

  Feb 05, 2020 12:23:55
NDO – An exhibition is taking place in the central province of Thua Thien – Hue, from February 3 to May 10, to mark the 90th founding anniversary of Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) (February 3) and the 90th anniversary of the provincial Party Committee (April). 

Documentary series “Vietnam in the Ho Chi Minh Era - A Television History” premiered

  Feb 05, 2020 11:20:27
NDO – The first episode of the television documentary series entitled “Vietnam in the Ho Chi Minh Era - A Television History” officially aired on February 4 on the Vietnam Television and Nhan Dan (People) Television channels. 

Hanoi book exhibition marks Party’s 90th anniversary

  Feb 02, 2020 21:25:43
NDO/VNA – A book exhibition was opened at the National Library of Vietnam in Hanoi on February 2 to celebrate the 90th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3). 

Art programme celebrates the Party’s 90th founding anniversary

  Feb 02, 2020 16:22:37
NDO – The Party Central Committee (PCC) Commission for Communication and Education organised an art programme in Hanoi on February 1 to celebrate the 90th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV). 

Programme offers Hanoi residents a glimpse of Thai Binh province’s culture

  Jan 29, 2020 17:29:59
NDO – A programme introducing the traditional cultural practices of Thai Binh province was held at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi on January 28 and 29. 

Check out the strange spring celebration customs of ethnic groups in northern Vietnam

  Jan 26, 2020 13:53:27
NDO – Festivals are an indispensable parts of spring celebrations across villages in Vietnam during Tet (Lunar New Year) Festival. In some ethnic minority groups in the northern region, several customs and traditions are practiced as a way for locals to welcome the Lunar New Year. 

“Vietnam is my lucky choice”

  Jan 26, 2020 13:05:00
NDO – After joining many volunteer programmes in various fields and different regions around Vietnam, volunteers in the Australian Volunteers Programme always consider Vietnam as their most lucky. 

Preserving the homeland’s language

  Jan 25, 2020 12:36:28
NDO – Can Van Kiet and Can Anh Claudine have spent over 20 years teaching Vietnamese to both Vietnamese and French nationals, with the desire to help overseas Vietnamese to preserve their homeland’s language. Despite being hard work, they are happy and proud to have more and more French friends, understand and come to Vietnam. 

Pianist Luu Hong Quang: Homeland – An integral part of the heart

  Jan 24, 2020 15:07:10
NDO – Although busy with his training schedule and performing abroad, Luu Hong Quang stills spend the time to return to Vietnam each year because he believes that the homeland is an inseparable part of his heart. Quang cherishes a big dream of claiming a prestigious music award. On his chosen career path, he appears to be in the shadow of the artist Dang Thai Son - a hard, lonely path with a true love for music. 

Hue Ao Dai brand

  Jan 24, 2020 14:57:14
NDO – Hue has long been a place of distinct beauty, a place to produce and nurture the traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese long dress). Over time, the Ao Dai of Hue has become a unique feature imbued with identity and pervasive power. Therefore, Hue Ao Dai brand should be built using a traditional meaningful approach.