Vietnam Bamboo Circus show performed in Sydney for first time

Thursday, 2019-06-13 21:25:02
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Six performances of the ‘A O Lang Pho’ - Vietnamese Bamboo Circus is taking place from June 12 to 15 at the Sydney Opera House.
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NDO/VNA – ‘A O Lang Pho’, one of the most well-known Vietnamese bamboo circus shows, has wowed Australians at the Sydney Opera House, becoming the first Vietnamese art show be introduced at this iconic theatre.

Performing six times from June 12 to 15, the show has left its audiences in awe by bringing them stories about the cultures of different regions in Vietnam.

Unlike a traditional circus, in the Vietnamese Bamboo Circus shows, the vivid aspects of Vietnamese culture are woven together masterfully by a crew of theatre geniuses.

Without the need for any spoken narrative, each story is told accompanied by impressive movements of acrobats and the skilful and creative use of bamboo as the main tools and props.

The Vietnamese Bamboo Circus has become a one-of-a-kind performing art that embodies the motherland’s culture.

Not merely reconstructing cultural activities and the everyday life in rural Vietnam, the Vietnamese Bamboo Circus, through the craft of lighting, sound effects and mise en scène, is also able to convey the spirit of folk culture and the historical characteristics of the nation.

To bring the ‘A O Lang Pho’ to life, a team of creators and performers with years of training and expertise bring together a blend of genres consisting of unique acrobatic moves: juggling bamboo poles, balancing on bamboo towels, swinging in the air, and somersaulting with rattan-woven boats.

Just when one assumes the show’s creativity has reached its peak, the countryside village setting on the stage seamlessly transforms into an urban sprawl by juxtaposing a rhythmic rice-picking factory line with high-rise apartments and bustling traffic. Each movement works hand-in-hand, combined with the powerful force of live musicians on stage, making the Vietnamese Bamboo Circus’ ‘A O Lang Pho’ a never-before-seen, or felt, art experience.