Da Nang museum launches multi-language interpretation system via mobile devices

Wednesday, 2019-01-09 17:36:40
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The new logo of Da Nang museum
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NDO – The Da Nang Museum has launched a multi-language interpretation system via mobile devices in order to help visitors explore extended information about the exhibits via their smartphones.

Accordingly, visitors need to connect their smartphones to wifi network (available at the museum) and download the ‘Da Nang Museum’ app from App Store or Google Play, which then allows the phones to scan QR codes attached to the 600 exhibits at the museum.

At a meeting with partners of 2019 held in Da Nang city on January 8, the museum also introduced a data bank of Da Nang’s cultural heritage, which stores more than 3,300 documents on the intangible culture of the city.

Around 250 of these are written documents on traditional arts forms and practices, such as tuong (traditional opera), 'Bai Choi' singing (a popular folklore style of singing in the central and south central regions of Vietnam), and whale worshipping festival.

A new logo of the museum was also debuted on the occasion. The logo is designed with a circle on the outside, representing the sky, and a square in the middle, which symbolise the earth.

The logo centre is a stylised image of Dien Hai Citadel special national historical monument, surrounded by three modified letters of D, N, M, which stands for Da Nang Museum.