Uncle Ho's visit to Yen Bai enacted on stage

Friday, 2018-09-28 17:23:39
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The projected stage for the event.
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NDO – Sixty years have passed since the day President Ho Chi Minh visited and spoke with the ethnic minorities in the northern province of Yen Bai. The emotional and historical moment will be remembered on stage during a special art programme to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Uncle Ho's visit to Yen Bai, later this month.

With the theme "Bright Yen Bai forever following Uncle Ho’s footprints", the event will be held at 8pm on September 30 at the province’s stadium, where the talk by Uncle Ho with Yen Bai compatriots took place six decades ago. The programme will be broadcast live on Vietnam Television channel 2 (VTV2), under the direction of young female director of the 8x generation - Le Hai Yen.

On September 25, 1960, thousands of officials and people of different ethnic groups in Yen Bai rushed to the stadium to meet Uncle Ho. The beloved leader came to the stadium and walked to the stage amid bustling cheers. Although only having about an hour to meet and listen to Uncle Ho’s talk, his sentiment and encouragement left an unforgettable impression in each person at that time.

Uncle Ho (C) visited and spoke with the Yen Bai people in Yen Bai provincial Stadium 60 years ago.

Director Le Hai Yen said that the topic related to President Ho Chi Minh is a difficult subject because there are so many successful art programmes honouring him but it is also an easy one, as songs and other material about him are abundant. However, in order to make a difference while still respecting history is what makes creative teams anxious for many months, she admitted.

In the heart of a young generation's representative, with a deep respect for Uncle Ho, the 8x female expressed her wish to make her programme touch the hearts of the generations who lived in the Ho Chi Minh Era, and also help younger generations to nurture a deep respect for him, to be proud of the nation’s heroic tradition, from which to inscribe and perform his teachings.

Young female director Le Hai Yen.

The programme will not only depict the story of Uncle Ho's visit to Yen Bai, but also celebrate a rich historical tradition and the strong development of the locality in modern times. The entire programme will provide the audience with a complete view of Yen Bai, from its people, nature and culture, to the story of cultural preservation and development.

Yen said that she will also re-enact a Red Dao wedding ceremony on stage with hundreds of actors to highlight the beautiful and attractive culture of Yen Bai. In addition, the images of the Paragliding Festival "Bay tren mua vang" (Flying over the golden season), a special tourism product of Yen Bai during the ripe rice season each year, will also be enacted through a paragliding exhibit on stage.