Exhibition presents ancient Vietnamese jewellery

Saturday, 2013-08-31 12:17:06
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Nguyen dynasty gold bracelets inlaid with gemstones
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Nhan Dan – An exhibit entitled ‘Ancient Vietnamese Jewellery’ opened at the Vietnam National Museum of History on August 30 with more than 100 valuable documents and artifacts on display.

The exhibits are arranged into time periods, spanning from the prehistoric period (2000 BCE-630 CE) to the early 20th century. The ancient treasures on show come from several cultural epochs: Phung Nguyen (2000 – 1500 BC), Dong Dau, Go Mun, Dong Son, Sa Huynh, Dong Nai, and Oc Eo (1-630).

Notably, a royal jewellery collection from the Nguyen dynasty (19th-20th centuries) is on public display for the first time, featuring a wide range of gold, silver, tortoise-shell, and gemstone decorative items.

The exhibition honours the skilful manipulation techniques, creativity and subtle aesthetic sense of Vietnamese artisans and craftsmen. It introduces domestic and international visitors to the country’s treasured cultural essence.

The exhibition runs through December at the Vietnam National Museum of History, 1 Trang Tien street, Hoan Kiem district.