Newly reestablished Afro-Asian Writers' Association convenes in Hanoi

Friday, 2013-08-30 12:44:55
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Russian writer Bavykin announces the Hanoi Declaration
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Nhan Dan – The newly reestablished Afro-Asian Writers’ Association (AAWA) issued a joint statement entitled ‘Hanoi Declaration’ during its first executive board meeting held in Hanoi on August 28.

During the meeting, writers from 50 Asian and African countries adopted the ‘Hanoi Declaration’ and discussed plans to develop the association in the future.

The AAWA has decided to extend its membership admission to writers not only from Asia and Africa but also from Latin American countries.

Participants also agreed with a proposal to launch the Lotus Literary Awards and publish a quarterly Lotus magazine in three languages: English, French, and Arabic along with a special Vietnamese version.

The Hanoi Declaration affirmed that the AAWA conference in Hanoi played an important role in strengthening solidarity among the peoples from Africa and Asia and those who shared an aspiration for independence and freedom. The writers also expressed their enthusiastic support for the freedom struggle of the peoples in Asia and Africa as well as condemned the use of violence and terror against people in these continents.

The conference also called for recognition of culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development and stressed the need to promote the own cultural identity of each nation as well as enrich the culture of human beings with unity, equality, justice and freedom.

In addition, the conference also called for joint efforts made by governments from Asian and African countries to include culture on the Global Post-2015 Development Agenda.

The AAWA second conference is scheduled to be organised in Iraq.