Quang Ninh makes efforts to increase the Provincial Competitiveness Index

Wednesday, 2017-09-13 07:55:26
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A production line at Hoa Loi Dat limited company at Hai Ha Texhong Industrial Zone in Hai Ha district, Quang Ninh province.
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NDO – During recent years, with the active and creative implementation of three strategic breakthroughs, focusing on the comprehensive and basic reform of administrative procedures, Quang Ninh province has gained many positive results in business environment and the provincial competitiveness index (PCI).

Quang Ninh ranked fifth in PCI among the 63 provinces and cities around the country in 2014; meanwhile the province jumped to second and third place in the PCI rankings in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Efforts to make breakthroughs and attract investment

In 2016, Quang Ninh surpassed Dong Thap to rank second in the PCI. Among the indexes used to assess competitiveness, Quang Ninh oobtained many higher indexes than in 2015, including costs for market entry, informal fees, fair competition, the dynamism of provincial government, business support services.

Chairman of Quang Ninh provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Long affirmed that: “Over the past four years, Quang Ninh has made efforts to continuously improve this index. In 2016, the province rose to second position and has always been among the top five provinces and cities with great quality of economic management. This result showed the active participation of the whole political system. The province set up a set of Department & District Competitiveness Index (DDCI), significantly improving the competitiveness of each unit and locality, contributing to improving the PCI.”

Efforts to improve the business and investment environment have helped Quang Ninh to continuously remain in the top position in the Red River Delta’s ranking. In addition, the province is determined to actively and positively create a clean ground for projects, particularly key projects, in addition to creating favourable condition for enterprises to implement the projects on schedule and regularly hold meetings to timely remove any difficulties for enterprises.

Chairman of Texhong Textile Group Hong Tianzhu said that the group selected Quang Ninh as the locality to carry out its project because of the attention and support from the province’s leaders. The site clearance and technical infrastructure have been quickly implemented. The Group highly appreciates the reform of administrative procedures in Quang Ninh, which have significantly reduced the time for investment procedures of enterprises.

In 2010, Quang Ninh climbed from 26th to seventh position among the 63 provinces and cities and ranked first in the Red River Delta region. This result was a measure of the satisfaction of investors and enterprises for the efforts to improve the quality of the province’s management. Investors have focused on accelerating the progress of a number of important projects and promptly put them into operation. The provincial agencies are also accelerating the implementation of transportation infrastructure projects such as Ha Long – Hai Phong expressway, Ha Long – Van Dong expressway, Quang Ninh airport and the Van Don special administrative economic zone, with the goal of becoming a service-industrial province by 2020.

This year, Quang Ninh has attracted a series of tourism investment projects by major groups, including Sun Group, Vingroup and FLC, with total capital of around VND100 trillion, towards building the province into an international-level tourism centre in the Northeast of Vietnam and the Southeast Asian region. By the end of 2017, Quang Ninh will have the first highway linking the province with the Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway; meanwhile Van Don international airport will operate the first international flight by early in 2018. These achievements will be the driving force for Quang Ninh to continue to strongly develop, deserving a motive economic centre in the north and the country.

Director of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) Vu Tien Loc affirmed that in recent years, Quang Ninh has been considered as a cradle of bold reform ideas and models, particularly in creative ways, such as establishing a public administrative centre to bring the government closer to the people and forming an active, friendly and effective investment promotion agency (IPA). Through the DDCI set, people and enterprises have the right to evaluate the local governments and management agencies.

Innovating thinking to companion with businesses

In order to attract resources and continue to remove any difficulties for enterprises, Quang Ninh is trying to creatively and effectively implement the ‘three companion and five support’ movement launched by the Prime Minister, in addition to enhancing transparency.

It can be said that Quang Ninh accurately assessed the current situation, selected key issues and gathered all resources in order to implement them. The resources were not the budget from the Central agencies, but were rather the solidarity and innovative thinking of the entire political system. The province has proactively proposed specific mechanisms and policies, transferred economic structure, implemented many measures to increase budget revenue, enhanced promotion, improved the environment for investment and supported the prompt settlement of investment procedures for enterprises.

Since 2015, Quang Ninh has boldly implemented the ‘Entrepreneur Coffee’ model, aiming to link the State management agencies with enterprises, as well as create favourable condition to support and encourage local enterprises to develop and call for investors from outside the province. The model is considered as an address for entrepreneurs to meet with representatives of State management agencies to discuss and share issues related to the investment environment and competitiveness of the province. This is also a chance for managers to directly listen and answer the questions and difficulties of enterprises during the process of seeking investment opportunities and business and trade activities in the locality. The ‘Entrepreneurs Coffee’ has created a two-way interaction between enterprises and local governments as well as becoming an open forum for enterprises.

The efficiency of the model has shortened the distance between enterprises and government, helping the government to access information and market knowledge from enterprises in order to plan their socio-economic development strategy and innovation initiatives, as well as enhance dialogues and interaction between the government and enterprises.

In addition to the provincial-level meetings to remove difficulties for enterprises held once a quarter, Chairmen of People’s Committees at lower levels have been assigned to regularly organise meetings with local enterprises to create favourable condition for them to effectively produce and conduct business.

Over the past few years, Quang Ninh has implemented numerous drastic and synchronous measures to continuously improve the PCI. The provincial leaders have considered the rise of PCI as a strategic task and an important measure to assess the quality of economic governance of the provincial government and improvement of the business and investment environment in each locality every year. Quang Ninh’s second place among the PCI rankings in 2016 showed the great contribution of the business community in the province.

In order to maintain its position in the rankings, Quang Ninh has defined numerous things to do and always consider PCI as a tool to re-examine itself, innovate, make breakthroughs and join with enterprises. One of the key tasks that the province has successfully fulfilled is the innovation of thinking and awareness. The provincial agencies transferred the form of managing enterprises to serving businesses and considering them as long-term and sustainable partnership in the province’s economic development.