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Friday, 2021-04-02 16:34:52
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An iDanangAirport application was immediately after the measures to reduce sound emission at Da Nang International Airport. (Photo: danang.gov.vn)
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NDO - The crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic marked a turning point in the digital transformation of many businesses, based on the core element of building a solid technological foundation and promoting technical innovation initiatives.

Enterprises have been forced to think and act differently in order to minimise costs and optimise their products and services provided to the market. For example, the Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) has made efforts to develop a digital transformation strategy as well as implement technological solutions for airports’ operations. Many convenient applications for passengers have been deployed in a timely fashion during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

Since mid-2020, passengers to several airports such as Noi Bai, Cat Bi, Chu Lai and Da Nang have seen more convenience as they could check in at the nearest counter instead of the service area for each carrier. This change comes from the ACV’s use ofthe iCUTE app at the airports, the server reconfigured and reprogrammed to ensure ground service staff have access toprivate accounts. All airlines can use it whenever the counter is empty and passengers only need to identify the airline's logo to check in. Previously, each airline was assigned its own check-in area, so passengers who buy tickets from each airline had to go to the correct area.

The check-in counters of each airline were only open for a certain number of hours. Therefore, sometimes many counters in this area were closed while passengers had to queue up in other areas. The aviation resource infrastructure was not being utilised in the most efficient manner, increasing pressure and necessitating passenger terminal expansion at the airports. Therefore, iCUTE not only helps make the most of the infrastructure and ground staff but also boosts ground service quality, creating equality for customers who use the services. In addition, the solution meets the requirements of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, especially during peak hours.

This is just one of a series of technical innovations that have brought about a high level of efficiency for the operation of the ACV in particular and the aviation sector in general in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic having a negative impact on the whole sector. The ACV saved a total of over VND800 billion in 2020 thanks to its technical innovations, instead of buying services from third party providers. In addition, the corporation developed an iDanangAirport application immediately after the measures to reduce sound emissions at Da Nang International Airport. Accordingly, after downloading the app to their mobile phones, passengers will receive updatesrelated to their flight such as departure time, changes of gates, flight delays and flight cancellations. Previously, most passengers received information through the loudspeaker systemand only a few followed these through the information display. Therefore, they were quite worried when the airports graduallyremoved speaker systems to reduce noise. This solution will help passengers proactively track information and feel secure about their flight as well as contributing to building an image of a civilised and modern airport. Following Da Nang International Airport, the app will be widely deployed in airports around the country.

The Vietnam Airlines Corporation (VNA) is also in the process of implementing its orientation to go digital by 2025 with digital transformation applications in all fields to increase productivity, reduce costs and bring about in new sources of revenue. From now until 2022, the VNA will focus on building a digital transformation plan for the whole corporation, prioritising digital transformation in the fields of commerce and services to increase the customer experience and revenue. Accordingly, content related to the diversification of products, supplementary services and joining the ecosystem of foreign corporations, companies and partners will be highlighted to serve the next growth phase of the VNA.

The Hoa Phat Group Joint Stock Company sought adaptive solutions to maintain good production and business activities during the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic. In the context of a severe shortage of container shells in Asia, the corporation has just announced a plan to produce container shells with a capacity of 500,000 TEUs/year. The corporation decided to invest in the construction of an empty container-shell factory in the two key development areas of Hai Phong and Binh Duong or Dong Nai, close to Cat Lai and Cai Mep – Thi Vai ports. With an output of 500 thousand TEU/year, the container production will consume one million tonnes of HRC (hot rolled coil) per year. According to the plan, from 2022, Hoa Phat can supply products to the market with competitive container prices thanks to its new initiative in raw materials and its large production capacity.

Obviously, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many difficulties and challenges, disrupting global supply chains. However, if dynamic enterprises promote creative innovation and take advantage of opportunities, they can turn "danger" into“opportunity” and seize upon this to develop.