Vietnam exports 16,000 tonnes of fresh lychee to China

Thursday, 2016-06-23 17:04:21
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NDO - The Tan Thanh border gate has processed customs clearance for 16,430 tonnes of fresh lychee, or about 4,000 tonnes per day, since the beginning of the season of lychee, according to Doan Tuan Anh, deputy head of the Tan Thanh customs department.

At the Tan Thanh border gate, the main gate for transporting fruit to China, the trucks loaded with fresh lychee have priority for customs clearance, which helps accelerate the trading process, and reduce congestion and the waiting time of the drivers and fruit owners.

For the export markets of Vietnamese lychees, last year, China was the largest export market with an export volume at 100,000 tonnes, accounting for 50 per cent to 60 per cent of total export volume.

The phytosanitary agencies in Lao Cai and Lang Son provinces have been asked to create favourable conditions for issuing export licences to lychees as soon as possible.

At present, Vietnam has negotiated with China to accord the highest priority to export lychee to China after other fruits. Authorities pledged to facilitate administrative procedures, ensure transport safety, and enhance market management to reduce fraud in the trade of the fruit.

Officials from Vietnam and China have agreed to keep the border gates open till 10pm to help accelerate the trading process.

Beside fresh lychee, every day the Tan Thanh border gate processes customs clearance for about 80 trucks loaded mostly with peanuts, onions, garlics, bananas, mangos and green dragon fruits, totaling 1,600 tonnes of agricultural products.