In memory of bustling market ahead of Tet in Hanoi’s suburban areas

In memory of bustling market ahead of Tet in Hanoi’s suburban areas

NDO – Housewives today can spend a few hours shopping for all the necessary food and supplies for Tet (lunar New Year) holiday. However, many of them still go to outdoor markets in suburban areas to buy indigenous specialties and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere ahead of Tet. (Jan 29, 2019 18:12:08)


Shan Tuyet tea – a journey from "cloud paradise" to Hanoi’s streets

  Oct 10, 2018 08:23:23
NDO – Stepping into an old apartment building near Vu Ngoc Phan street (Hanoi), I immediately savoured the aroma of tea mixed with champak flowers. There were several guests sat at tea tables, chatting softly as if they did not want the sound to melt the fragrance of the tea and flowers. Vu Thien Tan – the owner of the tea house – prepared to marinate tea with champak flowers. In each champak blooming season, extending from early summer until late October, the special tea leaves from the high mountains are associated with the sweetness of the champak flowers’ aroma that could conquer any heart.  

Pho Hue street bread – An unforgettable taste of Hanoi

  Sep 14, 2018 17:04:19
NDO – I am originally from the rural countryside but have lived in the urban area for almost ten years. One day I was nearly arguing with my friend, who is Hanoian, when they parked their car on Pho Hue Street, opposite Dai Nam theatre, and told me to buy some bread. 

Zalo aspires to become one app to rule them all in Vietnam

  Aug 16, 2018 17:39:01
NDO - Introduced nearly six years ago as a messaging app, Zalo is now endeavouring to become a one-in-all mobile app with the recent testing of new services such as ordering food and taxis. 

What does the future hold for Hanoi in the next ten years?

  Aug 03, 2018 10:09:25
NDO - Hanoi is celebrating ten years since it incorporated parts of Ha Tay, Vinh Phuc and Hoa Binh provinces. Flowers and banners adorn the streets while newspapers run bold headlines featuring the capital city’s achievements in the past ten years. But amid the festive mood, I still feel a little nostalgic.  

UNESCO title is not enough to save Dong Ho woodblock printing. Make it sell!

  Jul 10, 2018 14:59:35
NDO - Vietnam is seeking UNESCO recognition for the almost vanished Dong Ho woodblock printing art in Bac Ninh province and, with its many unique features and techniques, another cultural heritage title is within reach.  

Hanoi heat wave: xe om falters as iced tea prospers

  Jul 05, 2018 17:43:11
NDO - For some people, the searing heat wave that has gripped the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi over the last several days is a torture but for some others, it is an opportunity to make a handsome profit. 


  Jun 28, 2018 07:23:49
NDO – Hanoi’s West Lake is now an interesting place to enjoy a cup of lotus tea, although the flower is now less commonly grown on the lake’s waters. 

What if one day Vietnam imports pho?

  Jun 25, 2018 18:14:01
NDO - It would be no surprise if one day Vietnam imports pho, its most well-known food. It is an inevitable result of globalisation and is no different from the way Koreans import kimchi or the omnipresence of pizza restaurants owned not by the Italians but by US and Japanese companies.  

When summer costs a lot: Parents shell out on children’s summer programmes

  Jun 13, 2018 10:05:17
NDO – Many parents in big cities are willing to shell out an astonishing amount of millions or even tens of millions of Vietnamese dongs to keep their kids entertained over the three-month summer break and prevent them from locking themselves away in a closed room with television, smartphones and tablet computers. 

Not just disasters, urban chaos turns into new kind of adventure travel

  Jun 06, 2018 18:04:04
NDO – Locals in the old town of Hoi An (Quang Nam province) had been worried about their empty guest houses during the flood season. But that was the old story, now the situation has completely reversed. Tourists have flocked to the UNESCO-recognised site to experience the flood season, making the Hoi An flood tour the most exhilarating experience! Flood prone Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City can learn from Hoi An in turning disadvantages into advantages.  

Fed up with Facebook? For some senior citizens, it is a real lifeline

  May 30, 2018 09:08:06
NDO - The dishes had been already laid on the table and their colours looked appetizing. But no-one seemed interested in holding the chopsticks to pick up the food. They were all too occupied with their smartphones. 

A generation of ‘super parents’

  May 10, 2018 18:23:54
NDO - Parents across the world should admire Vietnamese parents as Vietnamese parents spend an average of 10 hours per week helping their children with homework, according to statistics released by the London-based Varkey Foundation in The Economist magazine. Vietnamese parents should be proud of themselves for ranking second among the 29 surveyed countries, for their care for their children, while Japan and Finland are the worst in the rankings.  

Caged childhood

  May 02, 2018 17:16:00
NDO – Living in the congested city of Hanoi and under huge pressure to perform academically, kids in the capital city almost have no space or time to play. Whatever happened to being young and carefree? 

Flying on air

  Apr 26, 2018 11:25:50
NDO - A sacred ceremony that is organised every five years in Hanoi’s Xuan Dinh village is dedicated to a local woman who brought prosperity to the locality in the 17th century.