Thailand moves towards political stability and economic development

Thailand moves towards political stability and economic development

NDO – Today (March 24), nearly 50 million Thai voters are heading to over 90,000 polling stations across the country to elect the members of the House of Representatives, moving towards the establishment of the first civilian government since the military coup in May 2014. The results of the elections are unpredictable due to the complicated rules of the Thai election law, as well as the correlation between the tight force correlations between the parties. (23 hours ago)


Iran, Iraq seek to enhance close neighbourly ties

  Mar 12, 2019 12:52:47
NDO – The official visit to Iraq by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, which started on March 11, has been drawing special attention from the public. Iran is striving to expand its economic ties aiming to cope with US sanctions, while Iraq is also seeking resources in service of national reconstruction. The urgent goals have motivated the two neighbours to come closer together, regardless of pressure from the outside. 

An opportunity to ease India-Pakistan tensions

  Mar 09, 2019 17:46:27
NDO – Relations between India and Pakistan have shown signs of cooling down after days of tensions. An escalating military conflict between the two nuclear-armed countries would threaten to cause catastrophic consequences, not only for the region but also the whole world. Therefore, both sides should make good use of this opportunity to promote peace and avoid the risk of pushing South Asia into a new conflict. 

An escape for crisis in Libya

  Mar 08, 2019 12:41:31
NDO – Foreign ministers of Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia recently convened a meeting to discuss the situation and seek a way out for the crisis in Libya. More than eight years have gone by since the so-called “Arab Spring”, and Libya is still immersed in deep conflict, uncertainty and divisions between factions. The stability of Libya is associated with regional security and a political solution is a “survival” issue not only for the North African country but also an extremely important issue for neighbouring nations. 

Expectations for a satisfactory solution from US-EU trade talks

  Mar 04, 2019 12:46:07
NDO – European and US trade officials will hold talks in Washington, scheduled for March 6, seeking a limited trade deal. However, in the context of tough standpoints from both sides, this negotiation is expected to be an arduous journey. 

For peace and stability

  Mar 01, 2019 12:10:33
NDO – The second summit between the top leaders of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the United States (US) has attracted wide attention from the whole world over the past few days. That Hanoi was selected to host the event has affirmed Vietnam’s growing prestige in the international arena. Vietnam has strived to organise the meeting in an effective, thorough and respectful manner. Once again, Vietnam has made significant contributions to strengthening trust and striving for a sustainable peace in Asia and throughout the world. 

Successful Constitution referendum demonstrates Cuban people’s firm solidarity

  Feb 28, 2019 11:13:47
NDO – Cuba’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) has just released preliminary results of the referendum that took place on February 24. Accordingly, the new Constitution has been ratified by the majority of Cuban voters. The support for the historic legal document reflects the solidarity of the Cuban people, while opening a new era, with new development motivations for the “Freedom Island”. 

The UK at high risk of leaving the EU without a deal

  Feb 26, 2019 18:02:53
NDO – The Brexit talks are coming to an end with the risk of the United Kingdom (UK) leaving the “European common house” without reaching an agreement. One of the reasons for the negotiation stalemate is that the European Union (EU) has not agreed to change the deal reached by the two sides in late 2018. 

Risks posed by IS still remain

  Feb 25, 2019 18:22:16
NDO – An international conference on terrorism was recently held in Egypt, with the attendance of representatives of 41 countries and international organisations from the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia.  

Dialogue and cooperation remain trend in dealing with Iranian nuclear issue

  Feb 22, 2019 17:22:54
NDO – Iran and countries in the region and Europe are trying to find ways of cooperation to open a new path for Tehran in the context of the Islamic nation’s economy suffering significant impacts from the US sanctions. 

Difficult mission to restore peace and stability in Middle East

  Feb 20, 2019 15:23:45
NDO – The United Nations has recently promoted shuttle diplomatic efforts to remove bottlenecks in crises and conflicts in the Middle East. Positive signals have been transmitted from Yemen and Libya, however, the path to peace and stability in these countries is still arduous. 

US-China trade talks: Expectations put on the sprint stage

  Feb 18, 2019 12:43:28
NDO – Both China and the United States agreed that the newly concluded round of trade talks between the two sides has “achieved certain progress”, despite having failed to reach a deal or issue a statement. Although there remain disagreements over the core issues, the two economic powers still expressed their willingness to continue negotiating in the “sprint stage” this week, aiming to seek an agreement before the “trade battle ceasefire” deadline.  

A positive sign in “black gold” market

  Feb 15, 2019 11:06:27
NDO – The mining output of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in January fell to its lowest level in four years, after the organisation reached an agreement on the reduction of its oil production. There are hopes that the “black gold” market will recover following a long period of slipping with oil prices having dropped sharply by 36% since October 2018. A better balance between supply and demand is expected to bring more stability to the oil market. 

Efforts accelerated to make Africa a bright spot

  Feb 13, 2019 18:12:13
NDO – The 32nd African Union (AU) Summit recently concluded in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa with a commitment to taking action for the prosperity of the people in the continent. The focus of African leaders in the near future will be put on addressing the issue of migration aiming to reduce the state of exile, which causes social, security and economic challenges in the “dark continent”. 

International efforts accelerated to ease tensions in Venezuela

  Feb 12, 2019 14:25:31
NDO – Venezuela’s National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB) has launched a big six-day military exercise to get prepared to defend the country in every situation. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro affirmed that Venezuela is a peaceful country and does not allow any military interventions, nor the occurrence of a civil war, as hoped for by hostile groups from both at home and abroad.