Damascus fully liberated: Motivation and challenge

Damascus fully liberated: Motivation and challenge

NDO – The Syrian capital of Damascus has been fully liberated after more than seven years of civil war, following the exit of the last militants of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS). The Syrian army has been going ahead with campaigns in order to completely liberate the entire Syrian territory. However, the development of the Syrian crisis remains complicated and poses potential threats to security of the capital region.  (May 24, 2018)


French President’s US visit: Message behind an “oak sapling”

  Apr 24, 2018
NDO – During his state visit to the United States which began on April 23, French President Emmanuel Macron brought an oak sapling as a gift for his peer Donald Trump. In the context of the complicated global situation and the multiple challenges faced by the France-US alliance, this special gift is aimed at conveying Paris’s message about fostering close-knit friendly ties with Washington. 

Handover of power in Cuba, a historic turning point

  Apr 19, 2018
NDO – The first session of the ninth Cuban National Assembly (NA) opened in Havana on April 18. This is a historic event, as the NA delegates elect a new leadership board for the country, aiming to inherit and promote the outstanding achievements of the revolutionary leaders and continue on the path of development which has been chosen by the Cuban people. 

Efforts needed to ease global tensions

  Apr 18, 2018
NDO – Many countries have agreed that establishing political dialogue is the only solution to finding a way out of the Syrian crisis after the recent series of air strikes deployed by the United States (US) and its allies aimed at the Middle East country. That every disagreement should be resolved through peaceful means based on international laws and the principle of respecting nations’ independence and sovereignty, is the common viewpoint shared by many nations regarding the complexity of the current situation in Syria.  

Improved China-Japan ties to open up new scope for cooperation

  Apr 18, 2018
Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on April 17 wrapped up a three-day official visit to Japan, during which he co-chaired the fourth high-level economic dialogue between China and Japan with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono. 

Fierce arguments anticipated at WB-IMF Spring Meeting

  Apr 17, 2018
NDO – The Spring Meeting of the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been officially opened in Washington DC, USA and will run until April 24. The topics covered at conference usually focus on discussions of the global issues concerning the economy, finance, employment, and the environment, among others. However, in the current context of profound disagreements on many issues between the US, China, and Russia, analysts forecast that this year’s spring meeting will present something of an imbroglio due to the arguments related to trade conflicts, currency, and economic sanctions among nations. 

Violence triggers fear of conflict escalation in Gaza

  Apr 10, 2018
NDO – Israeli troops firing into a crowd of Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza Strip has triggered concern of an eruption of conflict in the region. The efforts aimed at salvaging the Middle East peace process are being severely threatened by violent outbursts across the Palestinian coastal land over the past few days. 

Belief and expectations

  Apr 04, 2018
NDO – Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has been re-elected with an overwhelming 97.08% of the vote. He won the trust of the vast majority of Egyptian voters after a term in which he led the country in overcoming the Arab Spring “storm”. However, the four years of his new term promise to be a tough challenge, as President al-Sisi will have to deal with the thorny security problem while restoring the economy, and bringing the country of pyramids back to the trajectory of development and prosperity. 

Saudi crown prince’s visit affirms Saudi-US strategic alliance

  Mar 25, 2018
NDO – Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has paid his first official visit to the US since being elevated to the position of crown prince. With the focus on discussing an arms deal worth billions of dollars and a series of other agreements between the two countries, as well as regional issues, the visit affirms the strategic alliance between the US and Saudi Arabia. 

Middle East at risk of new confrontation

  Mar 17, 2018
NDO – One of the reasons US President Donald Trump dismissed outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is due to the disagreements regarding the Iran nuclear deal. The move shows Washington's "determination" to withdraw from the historic deal. Iranian officials have reaffirmed Teheran's stance on not re-negotiating the deal. The confrontation between the US and Iran has raised tension in the region, raising fears of a new arms race as Iran will not compromise on its controversial missile programme.  

Military actions risk fanning the flames of conflict in Syria

  Mar 13, 2018
NDO – The situation of the Syrian battlefield has been proceeding in a complex manner with the simultaneous presence of many military fronts. While Syrian government forces are intensifying their campaigns to recapture eastern Ghouta from the rebels, the Afrin enclave in northern Syria sees the expansion of Turkey’s “Olive Branch” campaign. The Syrian battlefield shows no signs of cooling down in the context of a proxy war currently taking place between world powers.  

APEC SOM3 and related meetings conclude in Ho Chi Minh City

  Aug 30, 2017
NDO/ VNA – The third APEC Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM3) and related meetings wrapped up in Ho Chi Minh City on August 30 after 13 days of working.  

A "stalemate" in Afghanistan

  Apr 26, 2017
NDO – The Taliban's recent deadly raid on April 21 that killed more than 140 Afghan government soldiers and injured many others has created a security shock in the host country and for foreign troops stationed there. Once again, the alarm of security instability has been raised, warning that the fight against terrorists and extremists in the South Asian country will be further prolonged and complicated.  

Turkey referendum: A significant milestone

  Apr 24, 2017
NDO – A narrow majority of Turks voted ‘Yes; to change the constitution to move the country from a parliamentary to a presidential system of government, which will grant President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sweeping new powers. Despite winning the referendum, President Erdogan still faces a number of challenge as the result has deepened divisions among parties in the country as well as in the relations between Turkey and the European Union (EU). 

French Presidential election: the unexpected and unpredictable factors

  Apr 17, 2017
NDO – The race to become head of the Élysée palace is turning out to be a presidential election that is fraught with the most unexpected and unpredictable factors in French history.