Braised and Caramelised Fish in Coconut Milk

Sunday, 2018-01-21 14:15:55
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Vietnamese people use fish as the main dish in their meals. Fish and its processing has been being an indispensable part of these locals’ cuisine as they usually say “rice and fish like mom and her child”.

Fish can be processed into various dishes such as dried and boiled fish, but the most outstanding one is the dish of fish simmered in coconut milk.

Coconut is one of the “five fruits” which can not be missed on the southern people’s altar at Tet (Lunar New Year) festival. Besides, coconut is a high nutrient and curative fruit: it helps reduce cholesterol in human blood and is good for digestion as well, that explains why coconut palm is a favorite plant in many countries, in Malaysia it is called “pokok seribu guna” means “plant with thousand uses” or in Philippines it is “plant of life”.

Coconut can also be used in other braised dish such as braised caramelised pork or chicken.