Lotus stem salad

Saturday, 2017-09-16 17:07:04
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As a refreshing dish for hot days, the lotus stem salad is healthy, vibrant, delicious and certainly crunchy.

The most special taste comes from the pure flavor and crunchy texture of the pickled lotus stem. What is even better is that it is easy to make.

The main ingredients are lotus root, carrot, tender pork, shrimp, shallot, coriander, mint, onion, and roasted peanut with the appetizing dressing being an integral part of the dish. First, boil the pork shoulder and shrimp separately in water with a little bit of salt and sugar added; let them cool, then slice the pork as thin as possible and de-shell and de-vein the shrimp.

Next, rinse out the pickled lotus stem and pickled carrots, cut or slice them into pieces and drain them. Then, coarsely chop the fresh coriander, mint, and cilantro and mix them together with the above ingredients with a gentle toss. The dressing poured into the concoction is a perfect combination of hot, sour, spicy, salty, and sweet.

Finally, crispy fried shallots and roasted peanuts sprinkled over the dish to make it look even tastier by addign a nutty flavor. It is commonly served with prawn crackers. Enjoy it as you will surely never forget its refreshing flavor and amazing crunchy texture.