Sai Sung – A special seafood in Quang Ninh

Sai Sung – A special seafood in Quang Ninh

Everyone knows that Quang Ninh is famous for its scenery, its people, its culture. But not many people know about a unique food that can only be found there. This special seafood is called Sai Sung or Sa Sung; it is surely another reason why you cannot refuse to come to Quang Ninh.  (Jan 14, 2018 12:46:08)


Crab Spring Rolls

  Mar 24, 2018 18:23:13
Known as a specialty of Hai Phong, a beautiful coastal province, nem cua be (crab spring rolls) seems not only to satisfy your taste but also bring you a little sunshine, a little sea breeze and even a little hardship of coastal locals. 

'Banh Da Ke' – Simple flavourful snack of Hanoians

  Mar 18, 2018 15:00:06
Banh da ke (millet rice cracker) is a flavourful snack enjoyed by Hanoians which is a harmonious taste of the crispness of the rice cracker, the aroma of millet, and the sweetness of sugar and mung bean puree.  

Vietnamese-Australia chef named Vietnam Airlines’ food ambassador

  Mar 15, 2018 04:44:46
NDO/VNA- Vietnamese-Australian celebrity chef Luke Nguyen will join hands with the national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines to bring Vietnamese cuisine to the world, under an agreement signed between the two sides in Canberra, Australia, on March 14. 

Hoi An International Food Festival kicks off

  Mar 14, 2018 11:33:44
NDO – The third International Food Festival kicked off in Quang Nam province’s ancient city of Hoi An on March 13, featuring the participation of 12 famous chefs from around the world. 

Tre Ba De in Da Nang - Quang Nam

  Mar 04, 2018 16:02:14
Tre Ba De is a Da Nang-Quang Nam’s special cuisine made of pork. It has become not only the favourite cuisine of many local inhabitants but also a tasty dish that the people from all over the country love. 

Raw fish ceviche: A savoury signature dish in Bac Giang province

  Feb 24, 2018 16:41:40
NDO/VNA - “Goi ca me”, a raw fish ceviche made of the Osteochilus fish, is one of the most famous signature savoury dishes in the northern province of Bac Giang. 

Vietnam’s impression in Australian cuisine

  Feb 20, 2018 10:32:09
NDO – On the occasion of his attendance at APEC Economic Leaders’ Week in Da Nang city in 2017, the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull sat on a roadside to enjoy a ‘banh mi kep thit’ (Vietnamese bread with fried pork) and gave his compliments to such delicious food, which provided a unique insight to the richness of Vietnamese cuisine. 

Vietnamese Pho offers home comforts in Sri Lanka

  Feb 19, 2018 10:40:14
NDO – It seems that for the first time Vietnamese people visiting Sri Lanka, known for its pungent spice dishes, can find Vietnam’s traditional foods, including ‘Pho’ (Vietnamese noodle soup), become available. 

‘Thac lac’ fish, a specialty and pride of Hau Giang

  Feb 18, 2018 15:39:30
NDO/VNA - Cha ca thac lac (fried thac lac fish), one of specialties of Hau Giang, is a dish every visitor should try when visiting the province.  

Non Rice – A traditional food of the Muong ethnic group

  Feb 11, 2018 16:07:20
Non Rice is a dish made by the Muong ethnic group in My Luong. When the rice grains have just ripened, they cut the large ones and boil them before drying and grinding. 

Smelly but delicious: Shrimp paste of Ninh Bình

  Feb 04, 2018 14:31:10
'Mam tep' (shrimp paste) may sound quite intimidating dish, but don’t let the pungent smell prevent you from trying the interesting specialty of Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province.  

Belgian culinary art showcased in Hanoi

  Feb 01, 2018 17:59:40
NDO – A culinary event named ‘A Taste of Belgium’ is taking place at the Pullman Hotel in Hanoi on February 1-2, as part of activities to mark the 45th anniversary of Vietnam – Belgium diplomatic relations. 

My Long Rice Papers

  Jan 27, 2018 16:52:41
Coconut rice papers in My Long village, Ben Tre province, are famous because they are particularly fatty, tasty and aromatic when being roasted over a hot coal. 

Braised and Caramelised Fish in Coconut Milk

  Jan 21, 2018 14:15:55
Vietnamese people use fish as the main dish in their meals. Fish and its processing has been being an indispensable part of these locals’ cuisine as they usually say “rice and fish like mom and her child”.