Sai Sung – A special seafood in Quang Ninh

Sai Sung – A special seafood in Quang Ninh

Everyone knows that Quang Ninh is famous for its scenery, its people, its culture. But not many people know about a unique food that can only be found there. This special seafood is called Sai Sung or Sa Sung; it is surely another reason why you cannot refuse to come to Quang Ninh.  (Jan 14, 2018)


Smelly but delicious: Shrimp paste of Ninh Bình

  Feb 04, 2018
'Mam tep' (shrimp paste) may sound quite intimidating dish, but don’t let the pungent smell prevent you from trying the interesting specialty of Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province.  

Belgian culinary art showcased in Hanoi

  Feb 01, 2018
NDO – A culinary event named ‘A Taste of Belgium’ is taking place at the Pullman Hotel in Hanoi on February 1-2, as part of activities to mark the 45th anniversary of Vietnam – Belgium diplomatic relations. 

My Long Rice Papers

  Jan 27, 2018
Coconut rice papers in My Long village, Ben Tre province, are famous because they are particularly fatty, tasty and aromatic when being roasted over a hot coal. 

Braised and Caramelised Fish in Coconut Milk

  Jan 21, 2018
Vietnamese people use fish as the main dish in their meals. Fish and its processing has been being an indispensable part of these locals’ cuisine as they usually say “rice and fish like mom and her child”.  

Cuttlefish Cake

  Jan 07, 2018
Throughout the long coastline of Vietnam, cuttlefishes are everywhere. Each region has their special type of cuttlefishin different shapes or sizes. As a coastal province, Ha Long is no exception.  

Shrimp Salt

  Dec 30, 2017
When mentioning the cuisines of Tay Ninh, many people usually think of Trang Bang Rice Paper, or Trang Bang Soup. However, there is another speciality that every tourist enjoys in this region. That speciality is nothing else but the famous Shrimp Salt which has been gaining a worldwide popularity in the recent years.  

Tung lamaow - A specialty of Cham people

  Dec 24, 2017
Tung lamaow is a famous traditional dish of Cham people in the border town of Chau Doc in An Giang Province.  

Mang dang (bamboo sprouts)

  Dec 02, 2017
“Mang dang” is known as not only a favorite main ingredient for a lot of specialties of Hoa Binh but also a specialty on its own.  

Black sesame sweet soup, a popular dessert in Hoi An

  Nov 26, 2017
Black sesame sweet soup, a sweet, commonly served after meals as a mid afternoon snack, is a smooth and luscious soup with a rich toasted sesame taste that’s particularly popular in Hoi An ancient city.  

Grilled meatballs in Lang Son

  Nov 19, 2017
Whenever it comes to Vietnamese meatballs, people usually think of the so-called sour meatballs in Thanh Hoa or the tasty fried meatballs found on Hang Bong St, Hanoi. However, the Grilled Meatballs in Lang Son would still leave a lasting impression on anyone who is lucky enough to try them.  

Rang Bua Cake

  Nov 12, 2017
When travelling to Thanh Hoa, visitors should not miss this tasty cake. 

Goi ngo sen (Lotus stem salad)

  Oct 29, 2017
A refreshing dish for hot days, “goi ngo sen” is healthy, vibrant, delicious on its own and certainly crunchy.  

Dried Buffalo Meat

  Oct 22, 2017
All ethnic groups in the North-western region of Vietnam have their very own cuisines that reflect their unique culture. Among these cuisines, the most popular one might be ham. However, there is a speciality in Dien Bien whose fame has reached many other parts of the country. Without a doubt, any traveler to Dien Bien must try that Dried Buffalo Meat dish in order to fully enjoy their time in this mysterious land.  

Red glutinous rice wine - A special drink in Thanh Hoa

  Oct 15, 2017
The wine is a special drink of Muong people in Thanh Hoa, but has become a symbol of the entire province. The wine is made from red glutinous rice, a unique type of rice that only Muong people can grow.