Vietnam sets up centre for cuisine study, preservation, development

Vietnam sets up centre for cuisine study, preservation, development

NDO/ VNA – A centre for the study, preservation and development of Vietnam’s gastronomy was launched in Hanoi on April 7 as part of the ongoing Vietnam International Travel Mart 2017.  (Apr 08, 2017)


Vietnamese ‘Ca Kho’ simmered fish

  Mar 04, 2017
Healthy diets almost always contain fish, which is high in protein with fewer calories than other meat sources. It's also one of nature's most versatile foods. Fish can be cooked in several different ways such as baked, fried, steamed or poached but simmering fish, will reduce the strong smell and increase the flavour of the fish. 

Nem Chua - A unique fresh dish of Vietnam

  Feb 26, 2017
Nem chua (Vietnamese fermented pork roll) is a unique dish of Vietnamese food culture, made from fresh pork and other special spices.  

Hoi An recognised as Vietnam’s food capital

  Feb 26, 2017
NDO – The World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) has recognised Hoi An city, Quang Nam province, as one of Vietnam’s food capitals.  

Grilled Mullet Fish Wrapped in Lotus Leaves

  Feb 19, 2017
The bountiful southern provinces are always known for their elegant dishes which combine the interesting local specialities with simple yet demanding cuisines. One obvious example of this statement must be the Grilled Mullet Fish Wrapped in Lotus Leaves in Dong Thap. 

Moss of the Ma River – a unique dish in Son La

  Jan 22, 2017
Moss is not only something that grows on the rocks around Son La but also a unique dish of the region. Moss is taken from underwater rocks in the Ma River and then turned into tasty grilled or fried dishes.  

Longan Cake

  Jan 15, 2017
'Longan cake' is a special cake made by local residents of Hai Hau borough. People call it “longan cake” not because it is made from longan, but because the shape and skin looks like one.  

Com hen (rice with baby clams)

  Jan 08, 2017
“Com hen” is no longer the preserve of the poor people in Central Vietnam, but the favorite of Hue locals and tourists, thanks to its deliciousness and simplicity.  

Steamed layer cake - A Vietnamese sweet dessert

  Jan 02, 2017
'Banh Da Lon' is a Vietnamese steamed layer cake made from tapioca starch, rice flour, mashed mung beans, taro, or durian, coconut milk, water, and sugar. It is sweet and gelatinously soft in texture, with thin colored layers alternating with layers of mung bean, durian, or taro filling. 

Grilled meatballs in Lang Son

  Jan 01, 2017
Whenever it comes to Vietnamese meatballs, people usually think of the so-called sour meatballs in Thanh Hoa or the tasty fried meatballs on Hang Bong Street in Hanoi. However, the Grilled Meatballs in Lang Son could still leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to try them.  

Grilled rice paper with egg - Vietnamese pizza

  Dec 25, 2016
'Banh trang nuong' (Grilled rice paper with egg), dubbed as Vietnamese pizza, is one of the most popular street snacks for students and teenagers in Vietnam. 

Khoai cake (stuffed omelette)

  Dec 17, 2016
Unlike the abovementioned cakes, khoai cake contains many ingredients and goes through totally different processing procedures.  

Cooking class invites Vietnamese to experience authentic Korean cuisine

  Dec 13, 2016
NDO – The Korean Cultural Centre in Vietnam (KCC) hosted a cooking class on December 13 to introduce Korean cuisine and culinary culture.  

Green bean cake- a specialty of Hai Duong

  Dec 11, 2016
Hai Duong province has long been famous for Thanh Ha lichi, Ke Sat gac (baby jackfruit) dried pancake, and Thanh Mien Gai (black leaf cake). But Hai Duong green bean cake is its most famous specialty.  

'Banh bao' - A popular dish of Vietnamese people

  Dec 04, 2016
'Banh bao' or steamed bun dumpling cake is a very popular Vietnamese dish as is sold at Vietnamese market, Vietnamese fast food stores and restaurants.