Sweet tofu pudding - A delicious dessert of Vietnamese people

Sweet tofu pudding - A delicious dessert of Vietnamese people

'Tao pho' (sweet tofu pudding) is a very common and popular sweet dessert made from soy beans. Tofu pudding has the smooth, creamy texture of a light flan, but the taste of soy milk.  (Aug 06, 2017)


Goi Buoi Tom ( Pomelo salad with shrimp)

  Jun 11, 2017
If you are passionate about the pure sour and sweet of pomelo, “goi buoi tom” is definitely what you are seeking for as a good appetiser in summer days.  

Culinary artisan Ton Nu Thi Ha: for her last project

  Jun 07, 2017
NDO – Artisan Ton Nu Thi Ha from Hue City, Thua Thien – Hue province, born in 1943, is producing her last project, publishing a book drawing on her passion for Vietnamese cuisine. 

'Manh cong' cake - authentic flavor of ancient Hanoi

  Jun 04, 2017
'Manh cong' cake is an ancient Hanoi dessert that embodies the ancient tastes and also the spiritual values of Vietnam’s capital city.  

Festival honours hundreds of southern specialities

  May 24, 2017
NDO – The 2017 Southern Culinary Festival officially opened on May 24 in Ho Chi Minh City, honouring over 250 foods and 100 sweet soups and cakes from the southern provinces and cities.  

Lau mam (salted fish hotpot)

  May 21, 2017
“Lau mam” is a southern specialty and an amazing marriage of preserved fish and hot-pot as well. Guests are certain to love it at the first sight due to the eye-catching beauty of large dishes of colourful vegetables and the favour of the broth, made from salted fish that is cooked until its meat and bone are separated, greasy and sweet-smelling.  

Ear Cake – A tasty food in Phu Tho

  May 13, 2017
In the past, people in Phu Tho referred to Ear Cake as Hon Cake, a tasty food that is served every day. But don’t be worried, the name of this cake has nothing to do with human ears or animal ears.  

Vietnamese food festival in Bangladesh

  May 09, 2017
NDO/VNA – The Vietnamese Embassy in Bangladesh held a three-day traditional cuisine festival in the capital city of Dhaka between May 5 and 7. 

Hue Sour Shrimp

  Apr 30, 2017
Sour Shrimp is one of the most sought-after specialities of the old capital of Vietnam. When they first come to Hue and taste this dish, visitors from other regions must be really amazed and surprised.  

Cong cake (Tube cake)

  Apr 09, 2017
This is a popular traditional food in Can Tho city. The cake is called Cong cake because the tool used to make this cake looks like a tube.  

Vietnam sets up centre for cuisine study, preservation, development

  Apr 08, 2017
NDO/ VNA – A centre for the study, preservation and development of Vietnam’s gastronomy was launched in Hanoi on April 7 as part of the ongoing Vietnam International Travel Mart 2017.  

Sai Sung – A special dish of Quang Ninh

  Apr 02, 2017
The province of Quang Ninh is famous for its scenery, its people and its culture, but not many people know about a unique dish that can only be found in the northern locality. The special seafood dish is called Sai Sung or Sa Sung (sea peanut-worms), just another reason why one should not turn down a trip to Quang Ninh.  

Vietnam attends ASEAN cuisine festival in Cambodia

  Apr 02, 2017
NDO - Vietnam is participating in the 11th ASEAN cuisine festival 2017 that opened in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh on April 1.  

Khoai cake (stuffed omelette)

  Mar 19, 2017
Unlike mentioned cakes, Khoai cake contains many ingredients and goes through totally different processing procedures.  

Cha ruoi, an autumn treat of the North

  Mar 12, 2017
Those who visit Hanoi during autumn season should savor 'cha ruoi', a specialty made from sand worm widely available in the sea.