Mang dang (bamboo sprouts)

Mang dang (bamboo sprouts)

“Mang dang” is known as not only a favorite main ingredient for a lot of specialties of Hoa Binh but also a specialty on its own.  (Dec 02, 2017)


Red glutinous rice wine - A special drink in Thanh Hoa

  Oct 15, 2017
The wine is a special drink of Muong people in Thanh Hoa, but has become a symbol of the entire province. The wine is made from red glutinous rice, a unique type of rice that only Muong people can grow.  

Vietnam Cuisine Culture Association makes its debut

  Oct 12, 2017
NDO/ VNA – The Vietnam Cuisine Culture Association made its official debut and held its first congress for the 2017-20202 term, in Ho Chi Minh City, on October 11, with the mission of preserving and developing Vietnamese gastronomy and promoting it to the world. 

Coconut jam - A favorite dessert of Vietnamese people

  Oct 07, 2017
Coconut jam, which is the great combination of coconut meat, sugar and milk, is the favorite dessert of many Vietnamese people.  

Coconut worms, specialties of Southwest region

  Oct 01, 2017
The southwestern people process coconut worms into delicious dishes like grilled worms, fish-sauce pickled worms or worms fried with butter.  

Festival brings taste of Vietnamese cuisine to Russia

  Sep 25, 2017
NDO – The Vietnamese Street Food Festival was held from September 22 to 24, in Moscow, bringing together dozens of Vietnamese restaurants and food companies in Russia. 

Pork Summer Roll - A specialty of Da Nang

  Sep 24, 2017
Pork Summer Roll is a specialty of Da Nang that satisfies even the most demanding gourmet. Made from common meat such as pork, this dish has gained a universal reputation in Da Nang and many other regions in Vietnam.  

Lotus stem salad

  Sep 16, 2017
As a refreshing dish for hot days, the lotus stem salad is healthy, vibrant, delicious and certainly crunchy. 

Thut Soup of the M’Nong ethnic group in Dak Lak

  Sep 09, 2017
According to the old leaders of the village, Thut Soup is a traditional dish which holds an important position in the lives of the M’Nong ethnic group.  

Thorn leaf cake - A rustic cake of Hai Duong

  Sep 03, 2017
'Banh gai' or thorn leaf cake is an inexpensive but very delicious food, popular in the northern province of Hai Duong.The cake has long been an traditional offering at festivals and a traditional gift at longevity parties.  

Vietnam’s culinary month opens in RoK

  Aug 25, 2017
NDO/VNA – A Vietnamese culinary month was jointly launched by the Vietnamese Embassy in the Republic of Korea (RoK) and Lotte Seoul Hotel on August 24 in the RoK’s capital city of Seoul. 

Tasting delicious white rose cake in Hoi An

  Aug 20, 2017
One of the best street foods in the ancient city of Hoi An in Vietnam that visitors should not miss when traveling to this ancient town is 'Vac' cake (dubbed as White Rose), which is made from simple ingredients of rice flour and fresh shrimp.  

Sweet tofu pudding - A delicious dessert of Vietnamese people

  Aug 06, 2017
'Tao pho' (sweet tofu pudding) is a very common and popular sweet dessert made from soy beans. Tofu pudding has the smooth, creamy texture of a light flan, but the taste of soy milk.  

Grapefruit pudding

  Jul 30, 2017
Grapefruit Puddingis a popular dessert in Can Tho city. Although this dish is widely available all over Vietnam, the porridge made in Can Tho has a special flavor that can be found nowhere else.  

Van Am - Eye-catching meat balls of Hanoians

  Jul 09, 2017
'Van Am' (five colored meat balls) is a nice offering by Hanoians to their ancestors on the occasion of Tet (lunar New Year) festival. The dish is a version of the familiar Jelly pork in which pork paste is mixed with different colors to create multi-colored meat balls floating beautifully in a bowl.