Colonel Cat Van Tho: 12th Party Congress an open and democratic one

Friday, 2016-01-22 12:15:51
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Colonel Cat Van Tho, Commander of Bac Ninh provincial Military Command.
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NDO – On the sidelines of the ongoing 12th National Party Congress in Hanoi, a Nhan Dan newspaper correspondent was granted an interview with one of the army delegates attending the congress, Colonel Cat Van Tho, Commander of Bac Ninh provincial Military Command.

Q: Could you share your thoughts while attending the 12th Party Congress?

A: I am honoured to be attending the congress. It can be said preparations for the event are very thoughtful and comprehensive. The draft documents submitted to the event had been sent to all grassroots Party organisations to ask for feedback and to be revised several times before being submitting to the event for discussion.

Prior to the congresses opening ceremony, some opposed groups sought against the Party by smearing and slandering the Party's leaders, especially comrades elected to the next tenure at this year’s event. They released a lot of nonsense information in order to negatively influence peoples understanding, whilst attempting to split the Party and the unity between the Party and the people. However, careful preparations of the Central and subcommittees have defused any plots of the hostile forces.

I am confident that with the thorough preparatory work, in addition to the well-organised conditions as seen on the opening day, the congress will be a success. The congress will elect a Party Central Executive Committee fully dedicated and capable to shoulder the country's overall tasks and implementation of the Party's Doi Moi process, building our nation up to stand shoulder to shoulder with the world powers over the five continents as President Ho Chi Minh intended.

Q: What do you think about the democratic spirit of the congress?

A: The congress spends quite a lot of time for participants to discuss important documents and personnel work. The event is very open and democratic, as delegates openly voice their views through discussions to select individuals for the next tenure. I believe that the comrades elected in this term will be highly capable and responsible to take on and accomplish the tasks entrusted on them by the Party and the people.

Q: What content are you concerned about most in the draft documents presented at the congress?

A: They are the key missions in direction for the next tenure, which focus on anti-corruption issues, pushing back negative forces and eliminating political opportunity; strengthening the streamlined State apparatus; and developing national defence and security in the current conditions, under which building the people's army and the people's police to a regular, modern, and elite standard, firstly modernising army troops to meet the task of defending the sacred sovereignty of the Fatherland.

For the armed forces, we are actively researching concerned issues of facilitating industrialisation and modernisation and maintaining a stable environment to create preconditions for economic development. The army and police forces will closely co-operate to advise local governments to effectively deal with potential incidents, preventing occurrences from developing into conflicts that cause political instability and affect local socio-economic development.

The next concern for me is the personnel work at the congress. I was one of the 1,510 delegates attending the congress, representing more than 4.5 million Party members, so I will have to thoroughly consider and research which comrades to elect to join the Party Central Committee with sufficient morals and capacity to shoulder national common tasks, meeting the wishes and expectations of officials, Party members and the people.

Q: Thank you very much.


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