Solid drive to overcome high tide

Friday, 2015-02-20 01:31:48
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NDO - Spring has arrived, and every family is celebrating the New Year of the goat with hope and faith. Every Vietnamese, wherever they are, looks to their homeland, with an expectation of a bright future. Spring is the time to review the past year and to define the new course for next year.

In 2014, the country experienced lots of difficulties — global economic recovery was slower than expected, and many unexpected and complicated developments happened in various places around the world. The East Sea again saw “high tide” when China illegally deployed its oil rig in Vietnam’s territorial waters, negatively affecting Vietnam’s socio-economic situation.

Under the leadership of the Party Central Committee, the direction of the Government and Prime Minister, we have achieved various successes: a stable macroeconomy; GPD growth of 5.98%, higher than targeted CPI at a low of 4.09%, the lowest in years; export revenue of USD 150billion with USD 1.5 billion in surplus; a stable exchange rate; and ensured social security, together with various successes in external relations. The Government’s efforts were recognised by the international community. The World Bank, at the year-end Vietnam Development Partnership Forum, assessed Vietnam’s economy as recovering and developing. The European, American and Japanese business communities, the World Economic Forum and others have also made positive assessments of Vietnam’s business environment and economic prospects. More and more global firms choose Vietnam to expand their business. Recently, we have successfully issued USD 1 billion in government bonds on the global market. All these reflect investors’ confidence in the Government’s management, and the role of the country in the region and the world.

For the tension in the East Sea, despite the “high tide”, under the leadership of the Politburo, there were no ups and downs. With the bravery, will and intellect of the Vietnamese people, we have been able to unite ourselves and maintain territorial sovereignty. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, while managing the economy, also discussed solutions with ministries and agencies to resolutely maintain sovereignty and territorial integrity, while solving issues through peaceful means. We presented messages on the East Sea at all international forums, bilateral and multilateral meetings of the Prime Minister, so that the international community would better understand Vietnam’s good will. The messages on building strategic trust, mutual and long term trust on the basis of mutual interest, have made impacts on the public.

We have received support from countries and the international community. At various forums, thanks to the efforts by the Vietnamese delegations and the Prime Minister, the East Sea issue has been included on the agenda and communiqué. Leaders of countries and organizations have all supported Vietnam’s stance on the East Sea. I remembered the sentiments from the people when the Government leader announced to the international community that “We want, and do, our utmost to maintain peace and friendship, to develop our country and care for our people’s lives. But peace and friendship have to be built on independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, and these sacred things cannot be exchanged for a kind of utopian ideal; they are dependent peace and friendship.”

2014 was also the year when the Government sped up economic restructuring; in which enhanced management and finalisation of the institutional framework, policies and laws for further public investment reforms, SOEs reforms and agriculture reforms are the key. The Prime Minister strongly asked ministries and agencies to enhance the effectiveness of governance, and to speed up SOE equitisation and divestment to ensure their activities and resources for socio-economic development. Thanks to the Prime Minister’s decision, we have been able to arrange a large amount of money to build some major hospitals to ease the overload, and to better meet the people’s demand. At the end of the year, the Prime Minister met extensively with ministries and agencies to discuss ways to remove obstacles for businesses and improve the business environment. The Government interacted with the people more, and the Prime Minister asked all localities to learn more about the people’s concerns and remove obstacles. He often mentioned the fact that the Ministry of Finance’s issuing of one circular reduced the time needed for filing taxes by 200 hours.

We are standing face to face with various opportunities. The country finished negotiations on the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the Republic of Korea and the Customs Alliance, while another FTA with the EU and the Trans Pacific Pact may be concluded soon. The Prime Minister also warned that there are more challenges ahead. Powerful countries were struggling to exert their power in the region, and the sovereignty clashes in the sea remain complicated. There was fierce competition in the economy and the economy was still low in productivity and competitiveness, while still seeing corruption and wastefulness.

The spirit of the spring is spreading, and we are proud that the achievements last year will be a firm foundation for a 2015 full of even more successes. This require us all to be united, unanimous and to trust in the Party’s leadership, and the Government’s management so that all socio-economic tasks will be achieved for the year 2015 – the decisive year for successful implementation of the Resolution of the 11th Party Congress, toward the 12th Party Congress.

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