Cold wave causes sub-zero temperatures on Mount Mau Son

Tuesday, 2018-01-09 17:42:02
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Grass is covered with frost on Mau Son (Source: Tien Phong)
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NDO - The temperatures on Mount Mau Son in Lang Son province have dropped to below zero as a result of the strong cold wave that has been sweeping Vietnam’s northern region, reported a local weather station.

A temperature of minus 0.3 degree Celsius was recorded on the morning of January 9 on top of the 1,500-metre high mountain, a popular destination for those who want to see snow in tropical Vietnam.

In other districts of Lang Son province, temperatures fell to 5-7 degrees prompting schools to allow their pupils to remain at home in order to avoid the damaging effects of the cold weather.

In the resort town of Sapa, the temperatures dropped to 3.7 degrees on the morning of January 9 and are forecast to fall further, to as low as zero, which could produce frost and snow.

Local residents in Sapa herd their livestock to the lowland to avoid the cold weather.

In the face of freezing temperatures, the authorities have asked local residents to take the necessary measures to keep themselves and their livestock warm and shield their crops from being devastated by frost and pests.

As the cold air continues to be strengthened, temperatures in northern Vietnam will remain low, averaging 8-11 degrees on the plains, 5-8 degrees in mountainous areas and below 3 degrees in the high mountains, the national weather service stated.

The cold spell is forecast to last until Sunday when temperatures will begin to rise to above 20 degrees next week.