Promoting local medical effectiveness helps prevent tuberculosis and pulmonary diseases: Deputy PM

Monday, 2017-07-03 10:55:35
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On behalf of the Party and State, Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam presents the first-class Labour Order to the Central Lung Hospital. (Credit: NDO)
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NDO – The combination of advanced technology with simple treatment, associated with prevention and close cooperation from central to local levels in promoting public awareness and implementing professional solutions help ease overloading in the treatment of lung disease and tuberculosis despite the number of patients having tripled over the past few years.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam stressed that this valuable experience should be analysed, studied and expanded in the health system, not only to solve overloading in hospitals but more importantly to promote the positive results of the grassroots healthcare system and preventive medicine network.

Speaking at a ceremony to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Central Lung Hospital on July 2, the deputy PM highly appreciated the efforts, enthusiasm, professionalism and great responsibility of doctors, nurses and health workers in the prevention of tuberculosis and pulmonary diseases, making an important contribution to Vietnamese healthcare.

As a specialised unit of tuberculosis and lung disease treatment established in 1957, the Central Lung Hospital is a core unit in implementing the two parallel tasks of medical examination and treatment in addition to the National Programme on Tuberculosis, as well as participating in activities related to the two indispensable specialties – tuberculosis and lung diseases.

The 800-bed hospital has developed rapidly, becoming a leading specialist in tuberculosis and lung disease treatment and mastering complex modern techniques such as lung cancer treatment or lung transplants, while performing technical and professional direction for lower levels and hosting the tuberculosis programme in the community.

To date, the programme has maintained its target of implementing tuberculosis control in 100% of districts and 100% of communes and wards with the percentage of the population covered by the programme reaching 100%. There are 45 out of a total 63 provinces and cities across the country that have established tuberculosis and lung disease hospitals. In particular, the rate of treatment for tuberculosis patients recently diagnosed as AFB-positive has been maintained at a high rate (89.8%), reaching the set target of over 85%.

Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam says that the implementation of the tuberculosis programme has contributed to promoting the effectiveness of the grassroots healthcare system and preventive medicine network. (Credit: VGP)

At the same time, the hospital has implemented a children's acute respiratory infection prevention programme - a highly fatal lung disease affecting children under the age of five, and has mobilised the participation of the paediatric system to cooperate effectively in implementing the programme to significantly reduce mortality for children.

Deputy PM Dam suggested that as a leading facility in the field, the Central Lung Hospital along with the medical system for tuberculosis and lung diseases should strive to achieve and soon overcome the set target of reducing the number of deaths due to tuberculosis in Vietnam to 10,000 by 2020, and by 2030 Vietnam would put an end to tuberculosis, five years earlier than the rest of the world.

With experiences learned from the tuberculosis programme on the critical role of early detection, the deputy PM asked relevant units to raise public awareness on disease prevention, periodic examination and timely treatment.

Treatment must also be linked with the community to create convenience for patients, he said, adding that the issue is not only related to the grassroots health system’s efforts alone but also the involvement of socio-political organisations in each village.

On behalf of the Party and State, Deputy PM Dam awarded the Labour Order, first-class to Central Lung Hospital, as well as the second-class Labour Order, the third-class Labour Order, and the Prime Minister's Certificate of Merit for individuals and collectives under the Hanoi-based hospital in recognition of their achievements and contributions to tuberculosis prevention and control.