Honda presents 12th Y-E-S Award to ten excellent Vietnamese students

Friday, 2017-12-08 16:59:32
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At the awards ceremony.
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NDO – The 12th Honda Y-E-S Award, featuring ten Honda motorbikes and cash prizes of US$30,000, was presented to ten excellent Vietnamese students at a ceremony held by Honda Vietnam (HVN) in Hanoi, on December 8.

The awardees included two students from the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, three from the University of Engineering and Technology, under the Vietnam National University; one from the Hue University of Sciences, one from the University of Science and Technology, under the University of Da Nang; one from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, and two from the International University, under the Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition to the aforementioned prizes, these ten students will also have the chance to win a Honda Y-E-S Plus prize worth US$10,000 if they win a post-graduate scholarship to study in Japan. They could also win US$7,000 if they work as interns at universities, institutes or laboratories in Japan for 2.5 months to one year within four years of receiving the Y-E-S Award.

Particularly, starting from 2017, if the Y-E-S Award winners continue to pursue a Masters or Doctoral degree in Japan, after completing their internship, they will receive an additional assistance of US$3,000 in service of their study and research.

According to Hirohisa Uchida, Managing Director of the Honda Foundation, a total of 113 student profiles, with high academic results and outstanding achievements in scientific studies, were submitted by ten partner universities for the 2017 award since it was launched in April this year.

Following the preliminary round, 30 finalists were selected for the second stage, which featured two parts: essay writing and an interview. The writing theme of this year’s award focused on the issue of how to change awareness among the leaders, people and businesses in order to determinedly shift from the “brown economy” (only focusing on economic growth and disregarding environmental protection) to the “green economy” (harmonising economic development and environmental protection).

With this topic, the Honda Y-E-S Award 2017 candidates showed that they are not only specialised in their respective fields, but also have social knowledge, as they put forward practical evidence, analysis, arguments and assessments.

Honda Y-E-S Award is an annual prize for outstanding Vietnamese students studying at science and technology universities nationwide, with the aim of fostering and developing future talents in the science and technology field. After 12 years of aiding Vietnamese students, the Award has received more than 1,030 entry profiles and has honoured 120 outstanding students at its annual awards ceremonies.

The Honda Y-E-S Award is implemented under the co-operation of the Honda Foundation, the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy and Strategy (the Ministry of Science and Technology), Honda Vietnam Company and 10 partner universities.