Achievements of ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ over the past 25 years

Saturday, 2018-05-12 12:34:54
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NDO – Over the past 25 years, thousands of international scientists have arrived in Vietnam for the ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ (Meeting Vietnam) programme. ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ is not just a place for scientists to gather, but also serves to inspire young generations of scientists in Vietnam. Over the years, the programme has contributed to building a network of scientific research, connecting Vietnamese youth with international friends. Over the past time, ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ has brought many impressive achievements to the development of science in Vietnam.

The ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ Association founded in 1993

From the successes of Rencontres de Moriond (1966) and Rencontres de Blois (1989), in 1993, Prof. Tran Thanh Van, Chairman of two aforementioned scientific organisations, founded the ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ Scientific Association to support Vietnam in the field of science and education. One of the main targets of the association is to contribute to the education and training of Vietnam's future generations.

Over the past 25 years, the ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ has organised a series of 13 international scientific conferences, with ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ acting as a bridge for Vietnam and the international community to meet and exchange. In addition to the top international scientific conferences, the ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ Association offers student courses, public talks, online exchanges, and exchange meetings with Nobel laureates and outstanding students.

International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE) inaugurated in Binh Dinh in 2013

One of the most prominent events in 2013 was the inauguration of the International Center of Science and Interdisciplinary Education (ICISE) in Binh Dinh, which has become a destination for scientists. That year, the ‘Windows on the Universe’ conference in the ninth ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ was attended by five Nobel Prize-winning professors, one Fields-winning professor, and many other distinguished scientists.

The ICISE has organized 40 international science conferences and 16 thematic schools with the participation of more than 3,500 international scientists, including 12 Nobel laureates, two Fields winners, two Kavli-winning professors, one Shaw-winning professor, one Kalinga (ONU) and Cino del Duca (French Academy of Sciences) winner, and many other well-known scientists.

Rencontres du Vietnam 2018 attracts 1,500 scientists

The 14th Rencontres du Vietnam 2018 hosted 12 international symposiums and six specialised thematic classes with the participation of more than 1,500 domestic and international scientists, including five Nobel laureates and other distinguished scientists.

A highlight of this year’s programme was the international workshop ‘Science for Development’ held from May 9 to 10. The workshop was sponsored by Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang, French President Emmanuel Macron and UNESCO. The workshop brought together two Nobel laureates and many world-renowned scientists. In addition, the International Science Conference ‘Windows on the Universe’ will be held from August 6 to 11. The seminar will be attended by two Nobel laureates and many other distinguished scientists.

Under the framework of the 14th Rencontres du Vietnam, the ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ Association will organise an exchange meeting between Nobel winners, distinguished scientists with students and the science lovers in Quy Nhon, Hue, Da Lat, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Contributions to education in Vietnam

Over the past 25 years, Rencontres du Vietnam has supported scholarships for the Hanoi University of Science under the Vietnam National University in Hanoi. A large number of students are enrolled at the Ecole Polytechnique, a French public institution of higher education and research. The programme has also connected with Brown University (through Prof. Chung I Tan) to support some students who have travelled to the US to complete their theses on their path to graduation.

Young Doctor Le Trung Quan, who received support from the ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ Association in France, is working in Vietnam.

From 1993 to now, the ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ Association has sponsored more than 35 international classes in theoretical physics, astronomy, mathematics, applied mathematics, and medicine to train high-quality human resources in these areas for Vietnam. The association helps young students and researchers to meet and study with top professors and seek opportunities to study abroad. The association also mobilised the Institute of Physics to help the Faculty of Physics under the Quy Nhon University in building teams and improving their professional capacity and scientific research.

Training high quality engineer

The ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ Association has coordinated with the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) (French National Institute of Applied Sciences) to train high quality engineers and help link the training between the University of Education - Hue University and the INSA. From 2009 to present, the association in conjunction with INSA Center Val de Loire, Blois offered seven courses for Vietnamese students. The association also extends cooperation with INSA Toulouse to receive students from the 2016-2017 school year.

Vallet Scholarship

Since 2000, with the founding of the Rencontres du Vietnam - Vallet Scholarship Fund, with the participation of the Vallet Foundation (France), the ‘Rencontres du Vietnam’ Association has donated more than 22,000 scholarships worth an estimated VND 270 billion. Each year, the association offers VND25 billion to students nationwide. Meanwhile, the association also grants about 15 scholarships (worth EUR 6,000 each) to Vietnamese students who have good academic achievements in France.

Implementing “hands-on” ( La main à la pâte ) method

In 2000, the association co-ordinated with French professors and local education foundations to train more than 1,500 teachers in the “hands-on” ( La main à la pâte ) method of science. The method focuses on developing children's cognitive ability in the most scientific way, helping children to find answers to their childhood questions by putting them in real-life situations, from which they can discover the essence of problem.

Since 2011, the association has coordinated with the Department of Primary Education and Department of Secondary Education, under the Ministry of Education and Training, to implement training in this method to all localities nationwide. The association also supports the deployment of the Experimental Centre of “hands-on” method in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh.

Construction of three SOS villages

Together with the Support Association for Vietnamese Children in France, the Rencontres du Vietnam has helped Vietnam build three SOS villages, including the SOS Children's Village Dalat (1974), SOS children's village in Thua Thien- Hue (2000, formerly the Centre for Child Protection Thuy Xuan), and the SOS Children's Village Dong Hoi, Quang Binh (2006). Currently, the association still provides 100% for SOS children's village in Thua Thien- Hue.

In addition to seeking funding for the construction and care for children in the three SOS villages, the association has also run the Bread-Pastry Making School since 1999 to offer training for young people with difficulties and children in the SOS villages. All graduates have secured work in large hotels in Hue, Hoi An, Da Nang, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City.