Mobifone beats Viettel in 4G speed tests

Thursday, 2017-09-28 11:09:32
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NDO - The 4G download speed of Mobifone, one of the three major mobile carriers in Vietnam, is slightly faster than that of Viettel, according to test results announced by the Vietnam Telecommunications Authority.

Mobifone’s download speed is reported at 36.91Mbps, during the July 19-26 period, while the speed for Viettel was 34.9 Mbps for the June 8-16. The tests for both carriers were conducted in Hanoi.

Viettel’s average upload speed is also lower than that of Mobifone, at 16.88 Mbps compared with 19.28 Mbps, but its network availability is slightly higher at 100%, compared with Mobifone’s availability of 99.98%.

Meanwhile the results for Vinaphone, another major mobile service provider, are yet to be disclosed.

Viettel was the first carrier in Vietnam to have its 4G network cover nearly 100% of the Vietnamese population, while Mobifone and Vinaphone’s 4G services are currently only available in major regions.

According to a recent IDG survey on customer satisfaction with 4G services, Vinaphone was named as the carrier with the best customer service, while Mobifone won the top position for quality and Viettel was rated to have the widest network coverage.