Determined to make improvements in future

Monday, 2017-06-19 09:50:56
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Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong takes responsibility for pig oversupply crisis at the Q&A session on June 13.
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NDO - The Q&A sessions, at the 14th National Assembly’s ongoing third meeting, concluded in a democratic, straightforward and constructive manner, demonstrating the determination of the Government members to address the existing problems in the near future.

Over recent years, the Q&A sessions at NA meetings have always attracted a lot of attention from the people and voters, which has created a positive impact on the management activities of the Government and authorised agencies, in turn contributing to resolving shortcomings and promoting socio-economic development.

Throughout this NA meeting, NA deputies seemed satisfied with the answers provided by the Government members, as they demonstrated their seriousness and sense of responsibility in answering questions, while clarifying many issues and straightforwardly accepting responsibility.

Despite just a year of tenure in office, as well as facing additional challenges from external and internal difficulties to the economy, Government members have made every effort to overcome any shortcomings or weaknesses, in order to stabilise and promote economic development, as well as striving to improve the standard of living of the people.

The Q&A sessions concluded after three days of sitting, with the focus on four groups of issues under the charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Approximately 200 NA deputies raised questions, while 58 others participated in debate at the Q&A sessions, which reflected various issues of public concerns.

Most of the arguments expressed the dissatisfaction with management activities of the Government, which have been questioned in past NA meetings but have yet to show any significant changes.

Many deputies, who have been involved in a number of straightforward arguments, suggested that the Government show strong determination and indicate specific deadlines and solutions to change the exiting situation as soon as possible.

In the debate with Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Deputy Nguyen Thanh Thuy, from Hau Giang, said that the solutions proposed by the Minister to solve inadequacies of the agriculture sector are not specific enough. She stressed that voters hope that the Minister determines the specific time required to resolve problems, so that farmers will be no longer worried about an oversupply crisis or declining prices of farm produce.

NA deputies also participated in a heated debate with the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Nguyen Ngoc Thien, as they were not satisfied with his answers on addressing inadequacies in the organisation of festivals and performance activities.

They emphasised the necessity of outlining a specific time frame to deal with inadequacies, as opposed to the vague conclusions offered by the Minister. NA deputies also asked the Minister to quickly submit a consultation document to the Government to facilitate the issuance of a document to strictly manage this field in 2017.

Meanwhile, deputy Dinh Duy Vuot, from Gia Lai, admitted that the Minister of Planning and Investment, Nguyen Chi Dung, addressed many difficult answers from NA deputies. However, he also asked for more specific and drastic measures to effectively use tax payment, in the near future, to avoid the lingering losses in public investment.

Minister of Health, Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, also expressed her commitment and determination to handle all the issues requested by the NA in 2017, in order to improve the quality of medical examinations and treatment and the control of medicine prices.

This is the first Q&A session to be conducted in three days, half a day longer than previous sessions, aiming to meet the expectations of voters and people throughout the country. Many requests and expectations from voters were sent to the Government, related ministries and sectors, at this NA meeting.

The Government, as well as the related ministries and agencies, seriously accepted the responsibility and received comments from NA deputies in order to speed up the handling of inadequacies mentioned in each field.

The solutions and promises of the Government members will be recognised by a NA Resolution, as a basis for the NA to supervise the officials’ realisation of their promises and evaluate the effectiveness of their work.

The tasks ahead are very challenging, requiring more effort from the Government to overcome these difficulties and realise their promises by fulfilling set targets in socio-economic development in 2017, contributing to elevating the country to the next stage of development in the future.