Promoting ASEAN nerve on the path of international integration

  Sep 11, 2018 12:20:32
NDO - The 2018 World Economic Forum on ASEAN Summit (2018 WEF ASEAN) hosted by Vietnam takes place in Hanoi from September 11-13 and promises to be one of the largest multilateral foreign events held in Vietnam this year. Under the theme “ASEAN 4.0: Entrepreneurship and the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, the WEF ASEAN 2018 is an important milestone in Vietnam's foreign affairs, affirming Vietnam's active and responsible contributions to regional integration and prosperity. 

Strengthening Vietnam – Indonesia strategic partnership

  Sep 11, 2018 12:17:06
NDO - Indonesian President Joko Widodo and his spouse began a State visit to Vietnam from September 11-12 at the invitation of Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang.  

An important milestone in promoting Vietnam-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership

  Sep 09, 2018 16:57:14
NDO – General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong and a high-ranking delegation of Vietnamese officials have successfully wrapped up their official visit to Russia, which took place from September 5-8 at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Bringing Vietnam-Hungary traditional friendship and multifaceted cooperation to new heights

  Sep 09, 2018 14:22:00
NDO - General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee Nguyen Phu Trong began his official visit to Hungary from September 8 to 11 at the invitation of the host Prime Minister Viktor Orban. 

Boosting Vietnam-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership in a deeper, substantive and effective manner

  Sep 05, 2018 12:31:26
NDO - General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong is on an official visit to Russia from September 5-8 at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. After the official visit to Russia in 2014 as a General Secretary, this is the Party chief's first visit to Russia after the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the first visit of a top Vietnamese leader to Russia after President Vladimir Putin was re-elected in March 2018 and has perfected the new leadership apparatus. 

Confidently heading into the new school year

  Sep 05, 2018 12:17:38
NDO – Today, September 5, teachers, cadres and civil servants of the Vietnamese educational sector, together with students and parents across the country, jubilantly welcome the opening ceremony of the new academic year of 2018-2019. 

Vietnam remains steadfast on revolutionary path

  Sep 02, 2018 14:40:14
NDO - Seventy-three years ago, President Ho Chi Minh proclaimed the independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam at Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi. Vietnam had made a long journey since the establishment of the Party 15 years previously. After immense hardships, blood, sweat, and tears endured by generations of people and soldiers, Vietnam today has escaped from poverty and underdevelopment and can now confidently stand on a par with international friends. 

Creating momentum to promote Vietnam-Egypt cooperation in fields with potential

  Aug 25, 2018 11:39:37
NDO - President Tran Dai Quang’s state visit to Egypt from August 25-28 comes at a time when the two countries are celebrating 55 years of diplomatic ties and aims to strengthen the fine traditional relationship while creating the momentum to foster cooperation in fields with potential.  

Promoting Vietnam-Ethiopia multi-faceted cooperation

  Aug 23, 2018 10:40:54
NDO - President Tran Dai Quang’s state visit to Ethiopia from August 23-25 is his first visit to the African country, marking a historic milestone in the relationship between the two countries.  

Spirit of August Revolution shines forever!

  Aug 19, 2018 11:21:00
NDO - During these days 73 years ago, under the Party’s sound leadership, Vietnamese people throughout the country took advantage of a historic opportunity to unite and stage a general uprising that seized power, ended slavery and opened up a new era of independence in which the Vietnamese people are the owners of their country. 

Showing gratitude to revolutionary contributors

  Jul 27, 2018 04:40:59
NDO – Vietnamese history has undergone thousands years of national construction and defence. Many generations of Vietnamese people, full of patriotism, bravery, and an unyielding spirit, have laid down their lives to contribute to the liberation, construction and defence of their fatherland. 

More efforts needed to prevent and combat human trafficking

  Jul 26, 2018 04:05:39
NDO - In recent years, human trafficking has been a complicated issue in Vietnam, as many human trafficking cases have occurred via illegal migration with increasingly sophisticated tricks. The crime has directly harmed the lives, health, honour and human dignity of the victims, mostly women and children.  

Protecting youths from the dangers of drugs

  Jun 26, 2018 11:23:19
NDO - Today is the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (June 26). This year's Action Month on Drug Prevention and Control under the theme “Protecting youths from drug danger” aims to intensify coordination between ministries, sectors and offices involved in communications to raise public awareness of drug-related crimes and their impacts, and increase the community’s responsibility for the fight against it. 

Uniting and steadfastly elevating the country through difficulties towards sustainable development

  Jun 16, 2018 11:55:26
NDO – The fifth session of the 14th National Assembly (NA) successfully finalised its entire working agenda and officially wrapped up after 21 days of sitting in an urgent and serious working spirit and a high sense of responsibility.