Overcoming difficulties and challenges to drive the country forward

Saturday, 2017-11-25 12:19:52
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An overview of the closing session of the 14th National Assemby's fourth sitting on November 24. (Photo: NDO)
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NDO - The fourth plenary session of the 14th National Assembly (NA) completed its full agenda in a successful manner on November 24, closing after one month of momentous working and high responsibility.

The year-end session demonstrated the spirit of renovation, solidarity, creativity and action for the benefit of the people and the country. The NA deputies spent time discussing many “pressing” issues of the voters and people’s concern and proposing adequate recommendations, contributing significantly to completing the socio-economic development policy decisions.

The session took place in the context of the country maintaining its macroeconomic stability with positive economic breakthroughs. Almost all sectors have witnessed good growth, contributing considerably to the overall growth of the economy. The agricultural sector recovered strongly after facing many difficulties, whilst the processing, manufacturing and construction industry grew positively, offsetting the decline in the mining industry. In addition, services and tourism enjoyed significant growth with a sharp increase of international visitors to Vietnam, whilst the imports and exports sector far exceeded its set targets. The investment and business environment has been improved significantly, attracting foreign direct investment and business development at a higher level than ever.

Under the sound leadership of the Party and the drastic direction of the Government, together with the strong involvement of the whole political system and the enormous efforts of the entire army and people, the economy continued to develop and gained important results in all areas.

However, the country is still facing many difficulties and challenges. Budget deficit and public debt remain high and the handling of bad debt remains inadequate. The allocation and disbursement of State budget investment has been slow, in addition to the prolonged handling of some ineffective investment projects. The violations of the law on the environment, deforestation, food hygiene and safety, traffic accidents, social evils and crimes in many fields remain pressing issues, while corruption and wastefulness have not been prevented orpushed back in time. The impact of climate change has become increasingly severe, with unusual weather, storms and floods causing heavy losses to people. These issues have negatively affected production activities and people's living conditions, as well as socio-economic development in general.

It is necessary that the whole country has high determination to take drastic measures in order to overcome all difficulties and challenges, as well as to maintain and promote the obtained achievements. The fourth session of the 14th NA demonstrated the spirit of innovation, unity, creativity, action for the benefit of the people and nation.

An array of crucial tasks have been set out, with a focus on the implementation of national targets on gender equality, the settlement of citizens’ complaints and denunciations, the prevention of crimes and anti-corruption. The NA conducted the supreme supervision over the implementation of policies and laws on the reform of the State administrative system in the 2011-2016 period. Deputies questioned the cabinet members on issues related to finance, banking, information-communications, court judgment activities, and raised queries to the Prime Minister on matters relating to the Government’s management.

In addition, lawmakers discussed and approved a resolution on the investment policy of a project to construct certain Eastern sections of the North-South Expressway in the 2017-2020 period, and a report on the feasibility of the project on land reclamation, compensation and resettlement support for the construction of Long Thanh International Airport. Furthermore, they also commented on a pilot project to deploy special policies and mechanisms for the development of Ho Chi Minh City, and the adjustment of a roadmap of applying a reformed curriculum and textbook for general education.

The NA committees, the Government and localities, as well as the other relevant agencies, were asked to focus on the implementation of the newly-adopted laws and resolutions, while continuing to withdraw lessons during the work.

Many important tasks have been set out to continuously complete institutions, and improve the business and investment climate, whilst strengthening competitiveness; ensuring macroeconomic stability and promoting growth; encouraging innovation, startup and business development; restructuring sectors and fields, oriented towards applying scientific and technological advances; building an administrative system of discipline, integrity and development support in service of the people and businesses; and accelerate the fight against corruption and wastefulness.

After the fourth session, successfully implementing and bringing the resolutions and laws passed by the NA to life are considered as important tasks, as well as being the responsibility of the whole political system, ministries and sectors at all levels. Despite many difficulties and challenges, with determination, solidarity and a consensus in perception and action of the whole political system, business community and people under the leadership of the Party, we will successfully implement the NA resolutions with a focus on the objectives and tasks of socio-economic development.