Implementing newly passed laws and resolutions in an urgent and effective fashion

Thursday, 2017-06-22 12:47:19
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The third plenary session of the 14th NA passed 12 laws and 12 resolutions.
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NDO – The third plenary session of the 14th National Assembly (NA) on June 21 completed its full agenda in a successful manner and closed after one month of working with seriousness and high responsibility.

>>> Vietnam’s parliament closes third plenary session with 12 laws passed

The third meeting demonstrated the spirit of renovation, solidarity, creativity and action for the benefits of the people and the country. NA deputies spent time discussing many “pressing” issues of the voters and people’s concern and proposing adequate recommendations, contributing significantly to completing socio-economic development policy decisions.

An array of crucial tasks have been set out, with a focus on continuously completing institutions, improving the business and investment climate whilst strengthening competitiveness; ensuring macroeconomic stability and promoting growth; encouraging innovation, startup and business development; restructuring sectors and fields, oriented towards applying scientific and technological advances; building an administrative system of discipline, integrity and development support in service of the people and businesses; and accelerating the fight against corruption and wastefulness.

Performing its legislative function, the NA researched, discussed, considered and passed 12 laws and 12 resolutions, while commenting on six other draft bills. Of these, there are many important laws and resolutions on adjustments to the fields of the public’s concern, notably including the resolution on accelerating the implementation of food safety policies and laws in the 2016-2020 period; the resolution on the establishment of a team supervising “the observance of policies and laws on management and use of State capital and assets in businesses, and on the equitisation of State-owned enterprises from 2011-2016”; and the law on amendments and supplements to a number of articles of the Penal Code No. 100/2015/QH13. The newly passed laws and resolutions have closely followed the Party’s guidelines and resolutions and continued institutionalising the 2013 Constitution, contributing to completing the country’s law system. The NA spent time discussing and analysing the national socio-economic situation throughout 2016 and in early months of 2017, in a comprehensive and profound manner, clearly highlighting significant achievements whilst frankly pointing out weaknesses found in some sectors and fields. Risks and challenges in the time ahead were also forecast and analysed.

At the meeting, NA deputies questioned the Permanent Deputy Prime Minister and Cabinet members on many of the country’s pressing concerns. During the Q&A sessions, legislators demonstrated their dedication, seriousness and responsibilities with specific and concise questions. They participated actively in the debates between deputies and Cabinet members, as well as between the deputies themselves, in order to further clarify shortcomings and responsibilities and to work out the necessary measures to overcome any inadequacies. Cabinet members clearly understood and firmly grasped the current situation of their respective sectors and answered the questions seriously and satisfactorily, whilst explaining clearly many issues raised by NA deputies. They frankly accepted responsibility and proposed a number of measures to determinedly address any limitations. Despite just a year of tenure in office, the Prime Minister, deputy PMs and Ministers have drastically directed the implementation of work across all fields, thereby removing difficulties in a timely fashion in order to stabilise and promote economic development, and ensure social security.

The NA asked the Government, sectors, agencies, organisations and localities to design plans to organise the effective implementation of the newly passed resolutions, so that the decisions made by the NA would be realised synchronously and comprehensively, bearing fruit in the country’s socio-economic life.

With a working spirit of high responsibility before the people, the third plenary session of the 14th NA ended successfully, meeting the aspirations of the people and constituents. The entire Party, people and army, together with compatriots living overseas, should uphold the spirit of patriotic emulation and solidarity; and take advantage of opportunities to overcome difficulties and challenges, in order to successfully realise the envisaged socio-economic development goals. This will be an important foundation for the whole Party, arm and people to bring the country through any difficulties to develop powerfully in the future.

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