People-centred mechanisms urged during implementation of grassroots democracy

Thursday, 2017-08-31 10:55:41
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Politburo member Truong Thi Mai, Head of the Party Central Committee's Commission for Mass Mobilisation, speaks during her working visit to An Giang on August 30. (Credit:
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NDO – People must be at the centre in the implementation of grassroots democracy, thereby creating consensus among local communities, Politburo member Truong Thi Mai has said.

On August 30, in Long Xuyen city of the Mekong Delta province of An Giang, Politburo member Mai, Head of the Party Central Committee's Commission for Mass Mobilisation, hosted a working session with leaders from the south-western provinces on the development and implementation of grassroots democracy policies in 2017, as well as their tasks for the next stage.

Reports delivered at the meeting showed that in 2017, local Party committees, authorities, the Vietnam Fatherland Front committees and socio-political organisations have positively implemented the grassroots democracy regulations with comprehensive results, creating a change in public awareness on democracy and the practice democracy.

In addition, the people's mastery of participating in the Party building and administrative construction, as well as stepping up socio-economic development and national security and defence, have been promoted.

Also through the implementation of grassroots democracy, locales in the region have focused on reforming administrative procedures, improving the business investment environment and enhancing the quality of denunciation handling, thus preventing any repression of political ideology and ethics, while promoting the patriotic emulation movement.

Speaking at the meeting, Politburo member Mai, who is also Head of the Central Steering Committee on Grassroots Democracy, highly appreciated the efforts made by the provinces in the south-western region in implementing the mechanism.

In reality, good practices, creative models and concrete achievements in the implementation of grassroots democracy have contributed to transforming the political and socio-economic life of the localities as well as the lives of the people, she said, adding that the key target of promoting democracy linked with socio-economic development and expanding the people's standard of knowledge have been achieved.

In addition, public administrative reform has changed in line with democracy, while the role of grassroots Party organisations and Party members has been more clear, playing a crucial role in Party building work.

Politburo member Mai also urged the south-western provinces to raise awareness among the system of local governments, mass organisations and local people concerning grassroots democracy, in which people must be central in the implementation of grassroots democracy, thereby creating consensus among local communities.

Another focus is democracy in the government apparatus, which is a direct mechanism attached to local people, she stated, asking for the acceleration of administrative reform to further improve the people-serving State.

Politburo member Mai emphasised the need for localities to create a friendly space shared between local governments and the people, while implementing coordination among the relevant units in order to increase the efficiency of grassroots democracy and continue to institutionalise the civil and human rights of people.

Moreover, effective measures should be taken to improve people's income, GDP per capita, economic restructuring, and an effective labour structure, in order to provide a platform for improving the implementation of grassroots democracy regulations, contributing to building a strong political system and boosting local socio-economic development.

On the same day, the Politburo member and her mission joined a field trip to several localities in the south-western region and An Giang province to inspect the implementation of grassroots democracy.