In their efforts to scrape through crucial exam, Vietnamese students have parents by their side

Thursday, 2018-06-28 10:20:25
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This year in Hanoi, the exam took place in favourable weather but the parents’ care and concern remained the same as previous years.
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NDO - During the three-day national high school examination, students and their parents experience a lot of anxiety, with the parents overcoming all hardships to take care of their children, ensuring that they had enough food and sleep until they entered the test rooms.

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The exam is highly important since it will determine a student’s graduation from high school and entrance to university.

At Chu Van An High School in Hanoi, a student asks for help from his family to pick up identity documents which he left at home.

Nearby another parent looks tense as he asks security to bring the identity documents to a candidate inside the closed test venue.

A mother gives her daughter words of advice and encouragement prior to the exam.

Parents wait outside while their children are doing the tests.

More and more parents gather in front of the school as the exam approaches its final minutes.

Anxiety is clearly visible on the faces of almost every parent.

The sense of unease is relieved only when the parents see their children walk out of the test rooms.

At Luong The Vinh School in Hanoi, a father and his daughter smile happily after the literature test

Parents and students exchange congratulations after the English test at Viet Duc High School in Hanoi.

Many parents are not bothered by the sudden rain on the final day of the exam, still waiting for their children outside the school gate.

A student with a leg injury is attended to by her mother after the test.