Savouring the beautiful melodies of ‘Quan Ho’ singing at Lim festival

Thursday, 2018-03-01 17:36:44
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During the Lim Festival, visitors can enjoy the beautiful melodies of ‘Quan Ho’ (love duet) singing on the corners of every street.
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NDO – In the soft spring drizzle on the first days of the lunar month, local amateur and professional Quan Ho (love duet) singers flocked to Tien Du district, Bac Ninh province to celebrate the annual Lim festival.

The festival attracts many local residents and pilgrims

A performance of Quan Ho (love duet) singing on a boat

Female vocalists share the beauty of their voices through Quan Ho songs

Preparing ‘trau tem canh phuong’ (a quid of betel and areca in the form of a phoenix wing) for visitors

A quid of areca served with phoenix wing shaped- betel leaf

Vocalists dressed in traditional ‘ao tu than’ (four-panel traditional robes)

Audiences take to the stage to try ‘Quan Ho’ songs

Wrestlers take part in a competition which was held as part of the festival

Elders compete in a xiangqi (Chinese chess) match