Thach Xa bamboo dragonflies

Thursday, 2018-01-18 11:34:26
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Thach Xa’s bamboo dragonfly products are not only sold domestically, but are also exported to many countries around the world, providing a steady income for the villagers.
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NDO – Thach Xa commune in Hanoi's outskirts district of Thach That is well-known for the craft of making bamboo dragonflies. Local craftsmen have created lively and cute bamboo dragonflies from simple materials which are souvenirs favoured by domestic and international visitors.

The craft of making bamboo dragonflies in Thac Xa commune started booming 20 years ago which requires the skill and ingenuity of craftsmen.

To ensure the durability and flexibility of their products, Thach Xa villagers have bought material bamboo from Vinh Phuc, Hoa Binh, or Tuyen Quang provinces, which are home to forests of thin, but solid bamboo.

The creation of bamboo dragonflies involves many different processes including splitting bamboo, making dragonfly body and wings, wings assembly, and decoration.

The most difficult stage is to assemble the wings to the body which must be precise to ensure that the dragonfly will be perfectly balanced on the sticks or twigs.

The dragonflies are then coated with various colours.

Skillful craftsmen are responsible for drawing patterns onto the bamboo dragonflies.