Da Lat coloured with pink prunus cerasoides blossoms

Monday, 2018-01-15 12:09:50
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Prunus cerasoides cherry trees are in full blossom
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NDO - Thousands of prunus cerasoides cherry trees in the Central Highlands city of Da Lat are in full bloom with pinkish white blossoms, creating a magnetic attraction to the locals and visitors.

Pinkish white prunus cerasoides blossoms are bringing about dreamlike scenes across the city which will be a favourable condition for the city to hold the prunus cerasoides blossom festival in late January.

Visitors flock to prunus cerasoides cherry trees to take photos

Fascinating and delicate petals

Youngsters are eager to pose for a photo under prunus cerasoides cherry trees

Da Lat is tinged with beautiful pink prunus cerasoides cherry blossoms

The city becomes busier with visitors coming to enjoy prunus cerasoides blossoms

Pinkish white blossoms creates a romantic space across the city

Prunus cerasoides cherry trees are seen along many streets in the city