Floating markets in the south-western region

Floating markets in the south-western region

NDO – The south-western region in Vietnam is known as ‘the land of rivers’ and the lives of the local people are associated with boats and the waterway market culture. (Oct 30, 2017)


2017 Mid-Autumn Festival kicks off

  Sep 29, 2017
NDO – The Mid-Autumn Festival programme officially opened at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, in Hanoi on September 28, as part of the activities to promote the world heritage values of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, especially the intangible cultural values. 

Village preserves the trade of making traditional toys for Mid-autumn festival

  Sep 26, 2017
NDO - Hao village in Lieu Xa commune, Yen My district, Hung Yen province has the time-honoured history of making traditional toys for Mid-autumn Festival. 

Thousand join campaign to make world cleaner

  Sep 24, 2017
NDO - More than 1,000 people participated in a meeting in the northern province of Hoa Binh on September 23 in response to the Clean up the World campaign.  

International carnival stirs up Hanoi Pedestrian Street

  Sep 16, 2017
NDO – Impressive street art performances by international artists with splendid and brightly coloured costumes have stirred up the pedestrianised streets of Hanoi on September 16.  

Painting honours Vietnam – Laos friendship

  Sep 06, 2017
NDO – Hundreds of youngsters from Vietnam and Laos gathered at the Vietnam Youth Academy in Hanoi, on September 6, to complete a painting honouring the friendship and special solidarity between the two countries. 

Impressive images at the Avante Press Festival

  Sep 06, 2017
NDO – This was the first time Nhan Dan Newspaper had a display booth at the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP)’s 40th Avante Festival. During the three days (September 1-3), numerous Portuguese and international friends visited the booth to learn more about the rich and long history of Vietnam, as well as the country’s development in the process of international integration. 

The happiness of going to school

  Sep 04, 2017
NDO - As schools in Vietnam are preparing to reopen after the summer holiday, Nhan Dan has selected some of the best pictures from the “Beauty of Vietnam” photo contest, depicting the bright faces of schoolchildren from across the country.  

Many playgrounds in Hanoi attract visitors during the holiday season

  Sep 04, 2017
NDO - On the morning of September 3, the light weather in Hanoi was suitable for fun activities during the National Day holiday. Transportation eased off, while shopping centers and parks attracted large numbers of people who came out to play.  

Hanoi’s calm corner

  Sep 04, 2017
NDO - When visiting Hanoi, many people have the same feeling that the city is narrow, crowded, hurried and noisy. However, that is only true when describing Hanoi during the day. Hanoi at mid-night or early morning is a very different place.  

Colourful Hanoi celebrates National Day

  Sep 02, 2017
NDO – In the cool autumn weather, all streets in the capital city are decorated with flamboyant flags to celebrate National Day. No more noisy scenes or traffic jams on the streets, relaxed people enjoy a peaceful Hanoi on National Day.  

Tam Duong locals celebrate National Day

  Sep 01, 2017
NDO – For many years, on the occasion of National Day (September 2), local people in Tam Duong district, in the mountainous northern province of Lai Chau, and neighbouring areas have immersed themselves in the indigenous cultural and artistic space imbued with the identities of the local ethnic minorities. National Day celebrations in Tam Duong have very much become a common festive day for the local people to meet, exchange and enjoy entertainment.  

The beauty of labourers

  Aug 25, 2017
NDO – Vietnam is not only blessed with imposing natural landscapes but also the impressive image of hard-working and diligent people in their work and production. 

Jubilant Ariêuping festival in Quang Tri

  Aug 10, 2017
NDO – The Ariêuping (sepulcher) festival is taking place at A Dang hamlet, Ta Rut commune, Dakrong district, Quang Tri province from August 8 to 10, attracting the participation of thousands of local people. 

Hanoi’s charity run kicks off Connecting Viet Youth 2017 programme

  Aug 07, 2017
NDO – Over 3,000 young people joined a colourful "Run for Charity" at Hang Day Stadium in Hanoi on August 6, the opening event for the third Connecting Viet Youth (CVY) 2017 programme.