Contemporary sculptures on display in Hanoi

Friday, 2017-08-18 14:20:57
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Sculptor Lap Phuong introduces her artworks at the exhibition.
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NDO – Contemporary sculptures by 13 young artists under the age of 30, from 13 countries and territories in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East regions, were on display at an exhibition themed ‘Multiculturalism’ in Hanoi, from August 11-17.

This is one of the art exhibitions organised and sponsored by Kohler, a US kitchen and bath products manufacturer, established 1974. The exhibits were not only artworks but also had high application and used different materials, especially ceramics and moulding materials. In order to create the most favourable conditions for artists to promote their creativity, Kohler often invited them to live and create artworks at its workshops. The artists had access to advanced machining processes and technologies and techniques in material handling and using machines, thanks to the support from experienced technicians.

Works at this year’s exhibition were stories based on cultural trends, expressing meaningful messages through the language of the sculptural arts. Artist Lap Phuong, a representative from the host country, introduced her sculpture entitled ‘Me tron, Con vuong’ (The peaceful birth). The work was constructed from metals, expressing the concept of ‘Troi tron – Dat vuong’ (Round sky – Square earth) in the perception of Vietnamese people in the past. Thereby, the sculpture highlighted the artist’s idea of preserving cultural identity, as well as reflecting both positive and negative aspects of society in the international integration and multi-dimensional cultural impact.

In his work entitled ‘Interwoven’, Australian sculptor Oliver Tannor mainly created shapes of natural beauty with steel and bronze materials. The work describes the movement, growth and weaving together of societies that are at once independent and interconnected. Meanwhile, a number of other sculptures, such as the ‘Water’s strength’ by Chinese artist Da Chuan, ‘Straight Hook Straight’ by Yiu Chun Wa from Hong Kong (China), ‘As if nothing had happened’ by the Republic of Korea’s artist Serim Lee, and ‘Double Helix’ by Kotaro Sakazume from Japan, were made of clay, pottery, ceramics, fiberglass, brick, wood and plastic. They highlighted issues related to cultural identities during the process of cultural integration, as well as national characteristics, lifestyle, the diversity of culture and cultural barriers in society towards multiculturalism.

Also at the exhibition, Kohler displayed three artworks that won prizes at the design competition ‘Art Inspiration from Architecture’. The designs were inspired by the images of famous architectures around the world. They have been applied in decoration for construction works and products.