Book collection published to commemorate General Nguyen Chi Thanh

Saturday, 2017-07-01 05:16:03
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Book collection published to commemorate General Nguyen Chi Thanh
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NDO - Marking the 50th death anniversary of General Nguyen Chi Thanh (July 6, 1967), the People's Army Publishing House published a book collection compiled by journalist Bui Chi Trung and numerous other authors, on June 30.

The collection consists of three books, including ‘Nguyen Chi Thanh - General of farmers’, ‘Nguyen Chi Thanh - Viewpoints from posterity’ and ‘Letters from North to South’, to offer readers clear insight into General Nguyen Chi Thanh’s life, career, thought, morality and style.

Each book has a different approach but throughout the collection holds to the particular idea that General Nguyen Chi Thanh was an excellent politician and military in the Ho Chi Minh era.

Besides portraying the life of General Nguyen Chi Thanh, the collection highlights the efforts and sacrifices of the Vietnamese people as well as affirms the pride of the Vietnamese People's Army - a revolutionary army celebrating 71 years of establishment of the People's Army of Vietnam and 26 years of the national defense movement. “Loyal to the country, devoted to the people, our army is ready to fight and sacrifice for the dependence and freedom of the Nation, for the Socialism; always fulfill any tasks, overcome any difficulties and defeat any enemy”.

The books are considered as a valuable historical source, reviewing the late general’s life and the nation’s glorious history in the resistance wars against American and French invaders.