In Vietnam, cities are scrambling to be smart. But can it solve pressing problems?

In Vietnam, cities are scrambling to be smart. But can it solve pressing problems?

NDO - Millions of dollars are being spent on building so-called “smart cities” throughout Vietnam. But whether or not the initiative can solve increasing congestion or serious air pollution is what city residents are really interested in.  (Apr 18, 2018)


Yen Tu yellow ochna flower - precious tree of a sacred land

  Mar 15, 2018
NDO - Whenever spring comes around, flower lovers wish to buy a yellow ochna flower tree to pray for a new year full of peace and luckiness and it is better if the yellow ochna flower tree stands on the holy Yen Tu Mountain. 

Vietnamese custom of burning ritual papers

  Feb 27, 2018
NDO - Most Vietnamese people are familiar with the custom of burning ritual papers for their ancestors and gods on their death anniversary and festivals from a young age. 

Southern locals welcome a peaceful and traditional Tet

  Feb 17, 2018
NDO – The southern region, at over 300 years of age, is still a relatively young land, but is home to an imposing cultural treasure with precious indigenous values, including its celebrations for the Lunar New Year (Tet). 

The serenity of renewal: Midnight on New Year's Eve at Temple of Literature

  Feb 15, 2018
NDO – For those lucky enough to see in the lunar New Year at Hanoi’s ancient Temple of Literature, at midnight on New Year’s Eve there is an unforgettable experience as it is a unique time when the past and the future exist at once in the present for a fleeting moment.  

Green trees - the city’s soul

  Feb 07, 2018
NDO – Whenever a type of tree is planted or felled in the streets, scientists usually consider scientific arguments to analyse suitable varieties; meanwhile the majority of people feel nostalgic and dispirited. 

Can’t stand the scent of milkwood pine flowers? It is still better than air pollution

  Dec 05, 2017
NDO - Since late autumn, many living in Hanoi have taken to social media to express their annoyance at the overwhelming scent of milkwood pine flowers, complaining that they are being suffocated by the so-called “scent pollution”.  

The rise and fall… and resurrection of bubble tea in Vietnam

  Nov 06, 2017
NDO - First appearing in Vietnam around 2002, bubble tea, a beverage made of tea, milk powder, fruit flavours and tapioca balls or jelly, soon become a favourite drink amongst young people. 

Vietnam plans for a half-a-billion-dollar museum: Is it worth the cost?

  Sep 21, 2017
NDO – When life becomes stressful, I often visit museums to seek a moment of tranquillity in life. The Vietnam National Museum of History is one of these places. In each country, treasures that represent the typical cultural values and techniques, or that mark a turning point in the national development process, are considered as the demonstrating the country’s culture. 

Wheel of life in Hanoi

  Apr 13, 2017
NDO - Tirna Ray from India feels the pulse of Hanoi’s Old Quarter while taking a stroll around the lively streets in search of a birthday present for her sister. 

Vietnam - a friendly and welcoming country

  Jan 20, 2017
I am an Israeli diplomat at the beginning of my career, and in the three months I’ve spent here I was deeply impressed by the growing friendship between Israel and Vietnam, as well as excited by the great potential still ahead. 

Beauty of Vietnamese traditional customs and ancestral worship

  Jul 22, 2016
I was trying to recall the past experiences that I have gone through during my four years of living and working full-time in Vietnam and use them to draw a picture of Vietnamese culture, which I expect will be a great work of art with my wonderful memories of this country. 

I can start getting ready for the most exciting New Year time in Vietnam

  Jan 01, 2016
NDO - How a city marks the New Year says a lot about the character of the city and spending the New Year in Hanoi certainly has a particular feeling and charm. I have had the chance to experience New Year’s Eve in Vancouver, Toronto, Paris, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Amsterdam, Chiang Mai, Saigon and now Hanoi. 

Vietnam's soft power: A view from Korea

  Dec 21, 2015
In August 2014, I was dispatched to Vietnam to head the Korea Foundation Hanoi Office, an agency responsible for promoting mutual understanding and friendship between Vietnam and the Republic of Korea. Since beginning my work here, I have realized that examples of Vietnam’s implicit soft power can be found almost everywhere in the country.